"I suppose you could define us as a mercenary company with a set of morals. They don't always serve us, but we do our best to serve them." - Willaude Pratchett

The Icecrown Mercenary Camp was a Mercenary Company working through the Alliance with a wide variety of allies and contacts across Azeroth and beyond. It was a group for professionals; not a guild for the sake of learning a trade, but a company producing results for employers with similar goals.


Founded by Alearah Duskgrove, the Icecrown Mercenary Camp was styled after the old mercenary companies of Northrend. Its goal was to provide the right people for the job; a group of skilled mercenaries for any task.

Since the demise of Alearah in Tanaan without anyone to succeed her, the company has been deactivated for the forseeable future.


This is where we discuss the ICMC's affiliation with the Alliance, as well as the 7th Legion.


The Icecrown Mercenary Camp's structuring has gone through many changes and adjustments over the course of its lifespan. It initially began as a multi-divisioned group, with each division having a 'captain' position and a 'councillor' position; the captain would see to the everyday function of their division and was the leading member of it, whereas the councillor was of a more formal proceeding. Initially there were four divisions: a Vanguard to bring up the front; Miscreants to scout ahead and engage in other stealthy acts; Demolitionists (later on renamed to Demolishers and finally Reavers) to act as the combatants; and Medics to patch up the injuries. In addition, there was a loosely connected web of Associates who provided other services to the camp, such as the treasurer, a supplier, or diplomats.

The structure was later loosened up, first in small steps, then in one fell sweep after the Iron Tide hit Azeroth but before the invasion on Tanaan. The new structure by-in-large dealt away with the separate divisions; while their names were still used to identify what services a member provided the company, there was no longer an exclusive hierarchy within each division; rather. Captains guided Icecrown's members as a whole, instead of just guiding the division they were assigned to.


This is where we list the members of the ICMC, as well as what they do.

Known Allies

This is where we list PLAYER-CONTROLLED AND CREATED allies of the ICMC.

Known Enemies

This is where we list PLAYER-CONTROLLED AND CREATED enemies of the ICMC.

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