Illia Firecrash (née Bloodwing) was a Sin'dorei Pathstalker prior to her demise. Post-mortem, she was erased from all known records.


Taller than average and with an odd stickishness, the lanky rogue stood out in a crowd. Black hair was cropped close to her head with styled bangs to frame a long, thin face. Her fingers were long, oft stained with the ink of her scribe work, and immaculately cared for nails were filed into short points.

She wore little jewelry; a simple golden disc inlaid with a polished black onyx surrounded by tiny, evenly-spaced amethysts hanging from a golden chain around her neck, and a plain golden stud pierced through her belly button. A tattoo of a volcano was on her lower back, done in black ink. Also inked on her was a butterfly on each shoulder and scrollwork style swirls on her upper legs.


Even among those who knew her, very little was known about Illia Firecrash. By her account, she was a daughter of the Bloodwings of Suncrown Village, most of whom were tragically slain when the Scourge marched on Quel'thalas, who wed a scholar by the name of Maz Firecrash.

Illia would eventually go missing without a word and have all known records erased or altered to remove her.


Illia was temperamental to a fault, arrogant and generous only with her scowls and insults. Her working manner was mildly more tolerable, but only just.



Mazera was a Black Dragon whelpling, often collared and leashed and nearly always in the company of Illia. Illia claimed the whelpling's egg had been taken by Maz shortly before his death and left in her care. Mazera vanished alongside Illia.

Belana was a typical timber wolf, bred from Outland stock.

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