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Early Life

Isilien was born to a normal merchant family, his life beginning with natural order and sway within the confines of Darrowshire, in the forest outside of Stratholme. There, he grew up with a normal tutoring of being a merchant, learning his birth father's craft of selling woodworks, his father being a artisan and a craftsman by trade. By the age of sixteen, he already mastered his trade and was a keypiece of the small community, forming several relations with the other families that resided in Darrowshire, one girl especially. Her name was Mary Flowerthorn, a only daughter to Darrowshire's Innkeeper. To Isilien, she was his everything, and vise-versa, Mary thought the world of him. Both families were pleased at this outcome for by the time he was of age, they were pitted together, in hope of nurturing a relationship, and love. His father, forseeing a good future ahead, wanted to secure the final piece in this plan. To do this, he arranged for Isilien to go to Stormwind and finish his training in the nearby forests of Elwynn. On the day he left to finish his trade, he bid them all a farwell, before leaving on the highroads. Little did he know, that would be the last time he would see his love and family, for as he was leaving Darrowshire, the last shipment of grain for winter arrived  in the small town, carrying a virus that would kill them all.

The Turn To Scarlet

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