The Jagged Fang Clan is an orc/troll roleplaying guild which focuses on the more aggressive side of Horde RP. This is not an "evil" roleplay guild but it will be ran more hard-lined than other Orcish clans that have been on Wyrmrest in the past. This clan is not for those who roleplay an orc with a weak stomach and are the pacifist type. We are graphic, detailed writers and most of our RP is NSFW 99.9% of the time.

There is no class restriction in this clan though death knight entry will be strictly limited. Jagged Fang Clan was commanded by Chieftain Zorag, currently Overlord Serutokk has picked up the slack of his passing. He was a former Dragonmaw and orc in his early seventies Zorag has seen orcs before, during, and after the blood haze. Many orcs found him to be overly strict, and many could not meet his expectations. The Jagged Fang does not consist of orcs and trolls from any particular clan, only those who are willing to pledge their axe to Chieftain Zorag, even in his death.

Fang Pro-Tip: Everyone starts off as a peon, you are not special and will not be treated special. No snowflakes here, you earn yer notoriety and the Clan's respect. Nothing is a given except this fact. However, know this, a Jagged Fang Peon is held to a higher standard, pushed further, and trained more thoroughly than a general 'peon' ranked in the Horde.

Jagged Fang is currently not aligned with any other clan or organization beside the Horde itself, Orgrimmar citizens, and Horde forces scattered between Draenor and Azeroth.

The Jagged Fang Clan is ran on the concept of orcish diplomacy. There is no diplomacy. You earn your place if you are strong in combat and prove yourself worthy to the clan in ways you yourself must figure out. There will be severe punishments in place if you disobey orders from a commander which may eventually lead to removal from the clan itself.

Please take a look at our web site [1], go ahead and sign up, and apply, most of the website is shaded from the 'guest' view for the privacy of our members. Many of us cross-post our stories and blurbs on the site.

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