"Cailin Sevell. In the name of his majesty, King Genn Greymane, you are hereby under arrest for theft, attempted murder, and treason against the crown."
—Jeremiah Sharpe

Captain Jeremiah Sharpe is a high-ranking naval officer of the Royal Gilnean Navy and the captain of the ship, the Relentless. He is the father of Edith and Aedine Sharpe.[1]


Jeremiah Sharpe was a Gilnean sea captain who was known well for mercilessly hunting down any sailor in the Gilnean Navy that deserted to piracy. He gained infamy in the years following the wall's construction and the subsequent stagnation of his beloved nation. Throughout his career, Jeremiah rabidly chased Cailin Sevell — the man who's capture was the highlight of Sharpe's career.

Jeremiah Sharpe died to illness near the peak of the chaos surrounding the Worgen curse.[1]

Personality and traits

Jeremiah Sharpe sailed the high seas for many years and, during that time, earned himself a fearsome reputation. He became a legend in his own right, albeit a terrifying one. Ruthless but noble, he had devoted his military career in the Gilnean navy to eliminating all pirates from the South Seas.

Notes and references

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