Smaller than most trolls, standing at a low six foot two, though no less agile and lithe, this rogue seems to look about him with scorn. His clothing tends to be in darker shades, tight leather wrapped about his body leaving little to the imagination, only helping him to blend into the shadows.

His hair is a deep crimson, tied in a braid and thrown about his shoulder, his tusks curled up along his cheeks, small notches marring the otherwise sleek, clean bone.

Though he is a rogue, this troll has his own set of problems. A quick tongue and biting wit, in addition to his fixation on being known as strong both work to set him away from others. His fixation is due to his own personal issue - his body is physically weak, much more so than his age would seem to show.


Born on the Echo Isles, he was brought to Durotar as a child. His parents survived, as well as an elder brother, and they all found their way to Orgrimmar. Once there, however, trolls built more for stealth and assassination took him under their wings, teaching him the arts of poison-making and assassination. Though he is currently too young to be considered a master, he works diligently on his tasks, brewing up more exotic - and deadly - types of poisons.

Jiz'ne is not, by any means, a nice troll. In fact, he spends most of his time plotting the demise of others, though he doesn't let it show often. An assassin by trade, he has an unnatural disposition to being known as strong. He is also quick to anger, though he has remarkable self-control.

Although he is cruel, he has his own streaks of kindness, giving his own twisted advice to those that he believes could benefit from it.

He is also attracted solely to other males, increasing in his tormet of them if he deems them worth the effort.


He is a villain, though in his own mind he considers himself to be above all others. Poisonsing his opposition for some gains, however meager, is something he doesn't think twice about. As an assassin, he has a fair amount of skill, and is always happy to take on assassination calls.



"Ya say strength be in relyin' on otha's? Nonsense."

"By de way, ya might wan' ta see a medic."

"Interestin'. Need anotha' drink?"


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