An inquisitive mind turned towards the secrets of the cosmos and how to obtain them. A warlock of terrifying power but a scholar at heart. The older brother to a Dwarven Thane and uncle to Mairla Greatforge.

Physical Description

Rather average in height for a dwarf, standing at a neat 4'4, wearing finely tailored robes which were enchanted by himself to aid in defending himself from both physical and magical threats.

His cyan eyes show a startling intelligence and cunning as they seem to almost look though you. But as he has aged his face has grown gaunt, his eyes dulling ever so slightly, his once brilliantly crimson beard now filled with gray hairs. It's clear this dwarf is not the young man he once was!

Kalrums Staff

Kalrum's hat is similar to his robes in that they were tailored to him by a master of craft, and were enchanted by Kalrum to help hide his magical presence as well as to contain a small inter-dimensional space to store items.

His staff, once the staff of an Archmage who was slain in battle (not with Kalrum mind you), and since renamed to "Desolation, Spire of Annihilation" looks much the same as you can see in the picture. Except, as noted (and this all repeated in the exterior link down below to "Kalrum's Staff"!), the staff's rod used to be one of truesilver, with a red gem on the bottom and a larger red crystal on the top. The staff of a pyromancer. During the previous wielders final battle, the crystal atop his staff shattered into pieces that begun to float around the base of the crystal where it was once attached to the staff. When the object was claimed by an Eredar Warlock, he replaced the center of the staff's floating crystals with an orb of felfire and channeled his power into the item. Soon, cracks of fel began erupting and pulsing with power all across the now tarnished truesilver rod. The end result was a devastatingly powerful staff that was almost the end of Kalrum when he fought this Eredar, but in the end, he manged to disarm the rival warlock and banish him, claiming the staff as his own! The staff also pulses with green and red energy (not purple as the screenshot implies!).


Cunning, intelligent, strong willed and extremely curious. He can come off as arrogant and prideful, even scornful to those he considers beneath him, but in a pinch he can make a powerful and loyal ally. Afterall, it was death and suffering that drove him to become a warlock, not purely a desire for power (although he welcomes any increase to his already potent ability!).


The Beginning

Orik Greatforge

Born to a grizzled Wildhammer warrior named Orik Greatforge(formerly Oathmir), and his second wife, Fjoren Rockmantle shortly after the War of the Three Hammers. Kalrum was Orik's "firstborn" from Fjoren, the first of three children. Of course, Kalrum had two older half brothers in the form of Thrandrin and Orikson, but Thandrin was never home and Orikson kept his distance from Kalrum. After Kalrum was Zulatobari, so named after the Greatforge clan's ancient descendant, Zulbar Greatforge the Mighty. After Zula was Fjrorum, a lass who would become quite the priest in her later life.

While being a Wildhammer from birth, Orik married his first wife, Merlia Greatforge after her family took him in. In honor, he changed his surname to Greatforge and soon became the clans Thane as Merlia's parents passed away. Due to this, when the War of the Three Hammers occurred, he sided with the Bronzebeard's against his former kin.

Early Years

From an early age, Kalrum showed an intense curiosity and almost burning thirst for knowledge that led him to be quite the exemplar student, and his mothers favorite. He spent most of his time in what libraries did exist in Ironforge at the time (this was before the Explorer's League or the shift to Archaeology). When he was of age, he joined an independent explorers group composed mostly of humans and a few gnomes, they fell apart rather quickly but it gave way to Kalrum's eventual joining of the Explorer's League when it formed much later.

Kalrum and the Gemhammer's

Before the League was formed, a good sixty years before the Dark Portal opened, he found himself captured by a Dark Iron Priestess known as Dueria Gemhammer. However, she did not kill him or enslave him, but entreated him to scholarly debate and discussion which he proved more then capable of keeping up with the priestess. Despite setbacks generated by Dueria's step cousin, Mari Darkmine, Kalrum and Dueria grew close and eventually married in secret. It was also during this time that Kalrum first began his exploration into the Arcane with the help of Dueria's mother, Duerla, and Duerla's twin sister, Corgra.

The two like minded souls would continue to meet in secret all the way up to the First War when the Orcs would invade Azeroth!

The First & Second War

His connections with the scholarly folk of Ironforge put him in the good graces of the founding members and was quickly promoted to a Senior Explorer, one who can go out and manage their own digsites with League support. However, this came at a horrible time for very soon after Kalrum launched his first dig in the foothills near Kharanos, was also when the Horde first began invading the region, shortly after the First War. He barely survived, his crew not so lucky, but Kalrum endured within the halls of Ironforge. But, it was that first meeting that he learned about the power of Fel, for one of the raiders was a warlock. As he reviewed the memory, the one thing Kalrum could never figure out until much later was, "Why was he trying to hide his power?" The orc was draining the soul of one of Kalrum's friends as secretly as he could, as not to draw the attention of his fellow raiders. This was due to the ban of fel magic that Orgrim put into place after he became Warchief (as noted in Chronicles vol. 2).

The Fate of Dueria

Shortly after the Shadow Council was given a home within the upper spires of Blackrock, Dueria attempted to wield the fel magic they had brought. Driven by her curiosity, she was not expecting the backlash that would occur when mixing the void and the fel, she died as her body was consumed in flames and as her mind and soul slipped into the void. Kalrum would learn of her fate, despite not witnessing it firsthand by Duerla who died of old age shortly afterwards, her heart broken by the loss of her daughter.

Recovery and Corruption

The Path to Magic

When the siege of Ironforge was finally ended, and Khaz Modan reclaimed following the end of the Second War, he went north, to Dalaran. He had already learned a great deal of the basics from Duerla, but he was no gifted student, his control of the Arcane was minor at best despite having nearly seventy of practice with the tomes Duerla and Corgra had lent him. But, he still advanced far faster then his fellow students due to his mastery of the spellcraft involved, despite the barrier that seemed to bar him from true mastery of the Arcane. It was at Dalaran that he would discover that he was actually rather skilled at Enchanting, but he ended up spending nearly all of his time in the libraries where he would eventually teach ancient history as a Professor.

The Fall of Dalaran

As the threat of the Scourge grew, all that Kalrum had built for himself in the magical kingdom was destroyed when the Archlich Kel'thuzad summoned the demon Archimonde into the world. While he did survive, this was his third witnessing of the might of fel, the power of demons, beforehand he had only the orc and what he had read in the libraries of Dalaran to go off on. This was a true testament to their power! Realizing that even if he had trained his whole life, that his arcane might would never even come close to either the Lich or the Demon Lord, Kalrum realized something. More accurately he remembered that demons were creatures filled with power, terrible power, but that the path of the warlock was a faster route to the power he sought. Even if it had consumed his beloved, his crew, and now his home, he was hellbent on mastering it for himself. He needed the power for vengeance!

The Path to Power

Thus, in the dead of night, Kalrum left the Dalaran refugees and after a relatively short journey came across one of the many cults of demon worshipers that were springing up in the Legion's wake. After 'pledging' his service to them he was initiated into the ways of summoning and harnessing demonic might. At first he was disgusted, but soon the whispers of power and the realization that he could indeed use this for his own purposes soon overcame whatever disgust or mental limitation he previously had. Thus, Kalrum devoted himself to the mastery of this new craft and was soon feared and the target of countless assassination attempts by petty rivals. Due to his iron will to obtain vengeance he proved uncorruptable to further temptation. He was in short, given the tools to achieve power beyond his dreams, and he needed nothing else from demons besides their servitude, knowledge that could be taken, and what power they possessed for himself.

As one would imagine, once he could do all of this, once he was feared and powerful, he left the cults and forsook all ties to them, even going as far as to slaughter many rivals and their demon masters to harass the Legion. But, for the most part Kalrum explored the world, growing in power and looking for what knowledge he could find.

The Years since the Third War

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As the years drew on, he pledged his services to the Alliance, explored Outlands when the portal reopened, looted the studies of necromancers in Northrend to simple know the secrets of necromancy should he desire to practice it, interrogated Twilight Cultists for what shreds of sensible knowledge he could gather, spent a great deal of time with the Lorewalkers of Pandaria, and attacked the Shadow Council, stealing what he could in the form of souls, fel tomes, and other implements during his visit to Draenor. And now, he fights the Legion with all he can, he holds nothing back and seeks to safeguard the world. But, if he fights for selflessness, or for some ulterior motive, none know but Kalrum himself.

The Grand Book of the Runekeepers

More recently, right before the Legion's invasion of Azeroth, he discovered a very interesting book on a Legion world. And as battle on the Broken Shore reaches it's peak, he has started searching for fellow knowledge seekers to fill out the ranks of the new Runekeeper order...


"Knowledge is the path to power and success, it is the key to all ones goals."

"The wisest spellflinger knows when words alone will suffice."


This character was first made on Moonguard as a Dwarf Priest to join the Mountain Guard, realizing they were already dead, I found Clan Battlehammer. Rerolling on Emerald Dream as a Dwarf Warlock, I played Kalrum for 5 years in Clan Battlehammer. But, in the last year I was mostly playing on Wyrmrest Accord and only recently, within the month of March 2017 I finally transferred him here!

His name was original Kalrum (unaltered) but due to his name being taken on this server, it is now Kaîrum (alt140). I like to think the ^ on the top of l is in fact representative of his staff. Since his staff has a floating crystal above it, but people keep mistaking his name for Kairum. It's my bad, but kinda funny to me.

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