The symbol of the Kamil te Kar. High ranking officials have the Naaru skull tatooed over their hearts.


The Kamil te Kar is a gang/mafia that finds its beginnings on Draenor. Originally a specifically draenei institution led heavily by a single family, it fell into dormancy after the fall of Shattrath City. Since then, it has found its rebirth on Azeroth and now operates out of Stormwind City. Although it now functions on a much smaller scale, the Kamil (as it's commonly shortened) is still involved in its traditional markets: drugs, prostitution, and other illegal goods and services. Membership has since expanded to include non-draenei.



Much of the Kamil's early history is lost to war and was (rarely) recorded by draenei scholars. It is, however, known that the gang operated out of Shattrath's Lower City, likely with remote operations elsewhere throughout settlements on Draenor.


Now the Kamil has reemerged in Stormwind City and is attempting to regain some of its original steam on this new world. They rely most heavily on drug trafficking for the majority of their income. Leadership has been in flux, but the gang's current street boss is Lazaar, who assumed the role after the disappearance of his predecessor, Nataske. Lazaar is most closely assisted by Peregrinne Waynolt and Aleyna C. Greenpath. Miles Campion is also a working member of the gang, albeit in the interest of paying off debt.

Kamil te Kar: Civil War

Upon discovering the true depth of boss Yeva's insanity, Peregrinne begins planning a revolt within the Kamil. Events snowball quickly when Yeva has Peregrinne's parents killed and promptly disappears after imparting some mysterious truth about the Kamil's origins to Lilifred Bumblehurst. Peregrinne leaves for the Emerald Dream and the Kamil splinters into two hardline factions- rebels led by Campion and Aleyna, and the loyalists led by Lilifred and Lazaar. During the ensuing conflict, many disturbing facts about the true nature of the Kamil and its place in Draenic society come to light.

Current Hierarchy

Boss: ?!?!?

Old Guard: Kovoran

Underbosses: Lazaar, Natharai Ebonrook

Capos: Aleyna C. Greenpath, Auroran Saia, Lilifred Bartleby Bumblehurst, Miles Campion, Peregrinne Waynolt (MIA)

Members: Alkrenon, Arenvald Richter, Cadence Greystone, Dorien Mydral, Elexine "Lexin" Iaarthis, Ester Halfiron, Jaxith, Mandy Arixan, Procrastin Havaleth, Ravek Brackenglade, Veronni

Associates: Marton Hammerfall, Mazal Denuthian, Ruepert, Selim Aias, Tiddia "Ronch" Dix, Wolfgang Penelope Bumblehurst

MIA/Deceased: Akkhina (MIA), Anshir (Deceased), Leuvera (MIA), Luri (Deceased), Nataske (MIA), Yeva (MIA, presumed deceased)

Guild Information (OOC)

~ Kamil te Kar Official Guild Website

The KtK crew is a rather tight-knit and friendly bunch namely consisting of visual artists. We love to mess around, tell lewd jokes, and generally have a good time. For those who are interested in joining, then please do heed this heads up. We do not actively recruit and we generally do not advertise when we are openly accepting guild membership submissions.

Want to get your foot in the door? Get to know us in-game! RP with us and so on. It'll do as much benefit for you as it will us.