Karnia is a sin'dorei with no allegiance and no conscious, seemingly. Despite a valorous service with the Argent Dawn, Karnia has no medals to show for it and no reputation to hide behind. His is well known for his flashy shows and entertainment at such events as the Earthspear Tribe's weekly 'Story Circle'.


Karnia's background is well-documented and little-cared for. Miraculously surviving the Scourge Invasion, his birth records show he was born to middle class parents with no noteworthy connections to speak of. Perhaps he would have remained in obscurity (that he hasn't is debatable) if not for the Scourge Invasion and his chance to join the Argent Dawn.

Though his romantic escapades took him on many adventures, they all lead him back to his duty and the realization that the world had gone mad.

After the Argent Crusade was created, Karnia was taken prisoner by the madwoman Isil Ciryatan. Only recently he escaped back to his fortune and the ever-patient Tia Kash.


Karnia has the typical glossy appearance of a well-pampered blood elf noble, despite not being one. Any scars or disfigurations, if they exist, are well hidden from the eyes of potential friends.

He is most often seen in his Argent Dawn uniform, despite no longer being in military service. Occasionally one will see him sporting his black suit and jungle hat.


Karnia's religious affiliation is actually something closer to the Forgotten Shadow, though he does not publicly worship anything. He is often associated with the war-torn veterans of the Third War because of his uniform, but he has no official relationship with any of the organizations honoring with them.

He does, however, fully endorse the Church of Imperia that worships the Lady of the Sword, a potential avatar of the Holy Light. Donating large amounts of gold and magical artifacts to the church, this is associated with his mistress, Tia Kash.

His public enemies include the Scourge and the Forsaken arcanist Isil Ciryatan.


"You killed my son, what did you think I wouldn't resort to for revenge?"

"I believe in love... and gold."

"This flag is not retribution! It is redemption!"


Though engaged to the priestess Tia Kash, Karnia is technically married to the hunter Cahlind Crysos, with whom he has sired two children. One of them, his son, was murdered.

He was suspended for one month during his service to the Argent Dawn for disobeying an order to retreat.

The Argent Dawn awarded Karnia many medals and much recognition for his service, all returned to the Argent Crusade headquarters last month in an unmarked package.

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