Physical Description

     An older male, with light blond locks which are age-sharpened into platinum. Clad in leather, he is easily mistaken for one of the Farstriders who prowl the forests of Eversong, and patrol the borders of Quel'thalas.  

Three white gold and blue studs decorate the upper half of each ear, matching those in his earlobes, above a white-gold hoop in each lobe. 

    Keylorian's hands do not exhibit the callouses that one would expect of an archer. His lithe form is more accustomed to the art of fighting with a quarterstaff, as priest-trained sin'dorei learn.  


Keylorian is a grumpy old monk. Sometimes his sense of humor shows through. The bitterness of the past is fading.


Keylorian was a mage-priest before the war. He became disillusioned and lost faith with the Light after the Third War and the demise of the Sunwell.   The betrayal of Quel'thalas by the Prince only strengthened his disillusionment.

During this time, Keylorian became a bitter and angry man. 

When the opportunity to learn the way of the monk opened up to sin'dorei, he leaped at the chance to find a path of true balance.

Engineer. Widower.  He had plans to retire and find a shop where he could tinker, then the Draenor campaign and the Legion invasion happened. 



His father was a Farstrider, and his mother was a Priest.


  • Father: Anoriand Dawnraker, deceased
  • Mother: Sylrine Dawnraker, nee Brightstar, deceased
  • A wife, Cylindra, and two daughters, Analisa and Rhowena, deceased.
  • Living family include his cousins Faenileda, her daughter Shieraiel, and Faenileda's estranged sister, Ravennia.

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