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Background (IC)

Family Ties

No information about Keinadri's family has been heard of at this time.

Before The Burning Crusade

Not much is known of the wars Keinadri served in before the Dark Portal was opened. She has hinted about being in the Old World wars for years, but her age is unknown; there are also hints that she was a child of war, her parents being both soliders (though unknown as to playing what roles) and being placed as a medic as soon as she was able to be of use, but this has not been confirmed.

The Burning Crusade

Entering the Dark Portal soon after it was opened, the experienced Priestess was sent all over the Outlands to heal various groups on special missions. Eventually, she was placed into yet another troop which had the goal of cleaning out the filth of Karazhan; this goal was met. Through this troop, the Priestess wiped clean Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair, Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Zul'Aman, The Battle for Mount Hyjal, The Black Temple, and was purifying the Sunwell when news broke out about the Lich King in Northrend.

Being exhosted already, her commander demanded she follow the fresh troops to the icy lands and keep them alive; this order was followed, but would be the beginning of the end with this troop.


Stomping through the chilly grounds of yet another new land, Keinadri worked hard to press herself to the limits- even without the normal breaks needed to refuel magical energies within the body. She was 'tossed' around by her troop leader to other gatherings of people to gain reputation for the troop as well as to learn the land quickly. After visiting every providence of Northrend and completeing all tasks needing to be done there, she struggled to go back to her troop base, which was readying for a mission as soon as she returned. Without more than a days rest, she was enrolled in the cleanout mission for Naxxramas; this mission was completed with ease. Next, she helped defeat the two dragon overlords in the Chamber of Aspects and The Eye of Eternity, gaining all the keys of entry for the latter. When Ulduar was the next place her troop leaders gazed upon, she pulled away and demanded a break.

Keinadri has been granted this 'break' by being removed from her forces and now is recovering from the large amounts of stress on her magical channels in Silvermoon City. She has a house in the Royal Exchange which cannot be disclosed at this time.

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