Kinras was born in Falconwing Square,where,his mother,a seamstress,died from complications due to child birth. His father,whom was a blood knight,had to raise him on his own.

Soon,Kinras's father realized that it would be best if he could have a better life. So,he sent Kinras to the Sunstrider Isle,to master his thirst for magic,as all elve's do,and to become a scholar. However,the latter was not to be,as Kinras became a paladin of the light,instead. Soon,Kinras began to excel in his classes,and was soon named an initiate blood knight. He then traveled to Falconwing Square,where,his father was strangely absent. An old friend of his father,Mal'Reinas,led him to the abandoned home of Kinras's father. Where,Kinras found a pendant there,that belonged to his father. He soon left Falconwing Square. Determined to find his father,he is now on a quest to find out the true fate of his father.

Recent Happenings:

Kinras traveled to Tranquillen,while he was completing his trial to become a full fledged blood knight. While there,he visited the local populace. And met a strange forsaken,who claims to have seen his father. The forsaken told Kinras that his father has left,and,before he did,mentioned something about the "Scryer's" of Outland. He is now willing to get to Outland in any means possible. Be it good,or evil. Aid,or no aid.


Kinras is often a bright lad,whom has always been fascinated by other races. He has a strange disliking of orc's,as he was taught that they are uncivilised,and inferior. However,after finding that his father has went missing,he has taken to a mildly darkar attitude,though not too much of a change.


Kinras wear's a light chain mail,with slightly tanned skin,and fiery scarlet hair. He has an athletic,slightly muscled build,and a deep scar on his neck. He also has deep,glowing green eyes,as most of his kind has. He is 107 year's old,quite young for a blood elf.

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