Kulara Du'Paige is a wizard, political analyst, and royal investigator of House Wrynn. She has lended her skills as a problem solver to several organizations such as the Order of the Golden Law, the Oathsworn, and the Stormwind Intelligence.


Kulara Du'Paige is a winning combination of ambition and discretion. In two years she has gone through five different government positions, and now serves as a political analyst and problem solver for the Alliance, tied up in state security and international politics. She is considered indispensable by many, and her time is in very high demand.

Considering the Oathsworn's aversion to political agendas, it's strange that she was once regarded as such a strong ally. She is motivated more by self-interest than charity, and yet, Kulara seems to care about people. She made up for her faults with strong morals, sound judgement, and a pertinent understanding of cult ideology and the supernatural (at one time, one of the guild's core struggles). Her insight and initiative helped bring an end to some of the Golden Law's greatest monsters, proving her both her abilities and her good intentions.

For that reason she was a powerful ally, first to Kalery and then to Ennalor, but a serious clash of values caused her to cut ties. There's some discrepancy on what really happened between them, and neither have had much to say. It's no secret that they don't see eye-to-eye anymore. It takes a world-threatening crisis to bring them together, but they still know how to work together when it counts. She's a team player, highly perceptive, and adapts quickly to the strengths of her allies.

Even so, her involvement against the Iron Horde has only been in stratagem and resource allocation. She works alongside generals and dignitaries who consider her more valuable in the war-room than on the battlefield. The difference she can make in one operation apparently isn't worth the risk, especially with her involvement in global policy. Kulara Du'Paige is one of the Alliance's rising stars, and one day, she could be the one giving these orders.

Physical appearance

Well known for her shameless attraction to bright colors and fancy hats, Kulara's wardrobe has a fashionable picture-book kind of quality that stands out anywhere. She favors large boots, short hair and low collars, and smiles sometimes like she has it all figured out.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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