"Even heroes have the right to bleed."
-Lacan Kasim

Lacan Kasim
Title Knight of Stromgarde
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 35
Height 5' 7"
Weight 180 lbs
Level 85
Class Warrior
Faction Alliance
Occupation Blacksmith, Mercenary, Gladiator
Status Alive
Alignment Chaotic Good




Lacan is your average human, holding a sturdy, muscular frame with broad chest and shoulders. His skin is lightly tanned and rests over a toned figure, giving the image of an active lifestyle. Lang, unruly black hair frames his face, giving off a strong contrast to his sapphire, blue eyes.

His calloused hands are evident enough of his experience working with them, and the Truesilver sword resting on his back give off a sense of his profession. He has the immediate signs of a long military career, and can often be seen clad in plated armor, or some form of protection.


Quiet is one way to describe Lacan, keeping to himself unless provoked into conversation. A gruff loner by nature, he is a classic example of a warrior-poet with a strong sense of personal honor. Though he is quick to anger when antagonized, he retains strong control over his body and mind.

There are only a handful of people close enough him to fully understand his way of thinking. He is extremely intelligent in terms of strategy and military tactics though you would not know it from how clueless he can seem at times.


Lacan is known for having a very diverse mixture of combat training in both martial arts and swordsmanship. But above all, what separates Lacan from others is his incredible ability to learn and grow stronger even against some of the most powerful beings on Azeroth. He has studied under several prominent warriors from all over Azeroth.

When fighting he wastes little time in getting up close to prevent an opponent the advantage of ranged attacks. He employs many grapple and disarming maneuvers coupled with crippling blade swings aimed to disorientate or disable an opponent before delivering a swift killing blow. This mixture of incredibly fast and expertly delivered blows makes him a very dangerous opponent.


  • "Even heroes have the right to bleed."
  • "The moment you start feeling content with yourself is the moment you stop bettering yourself."


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