Brief Summary

Lady Auroralina Dawnveil was one of the three offspring of two of the most substantial quel'dorei of their time, Lady Kaldina Sunhymn Dawnveil and Lord Tellerion Dawnveil. She is the youngest sister of three, but despite being the youngest she had claimed the title of Head and Lady of House Dawnveil, and leader of the noble - and, rather specifically, thalassian royalty -  after the eldest Dawnveil daughter declined the position, and soon after the next in line married out of Dawnveil for a short period of time. Aurora graciously accepted the responsibilites of reviving her once crumbling home, rebuilding it and molding the Dawnveil name into a much more glorified name, positioning the royal House into its now current extremely wealthy, powerful state. House Dawnveil was one of the few who estabished a thalassian monarchy for its Dawnveil people. Auroralina was one of the first known people to establish a quel'dorei settlement in the new land of Pandaria, carved into the mountains of the Jade Forest with a growing population of thousands. 


Delicate and pure would be suitable words to describe this Quel'dorei woman. Auroralina Dawnveil was a lady by all standards, and a lovely woman she was, and still quite young for her race. There are few amoung her contemporaries that find fault with Aurora. She stands at a rather unimposing 5"0 and weighs roughly a hundred pounds, light-footed and slender in build. She has been noted for both her graceful mannerism and petite, lovely build. The Elven female would appear nothing short of atypical for her race; her features regal in their own right, and carried soft, sloping angles and full, spherical curves. None of her features could possibly be mistaken than anything other than pure elven, her high cheekbones and delicate jawline are decidedly Dawnveil in appearance, the product of many generations of arranged marriages to create a particularly beautiful and exemplary face. 

Auroralina(By Jace Beleneaux!)

Auroralina had wide, tear-drop shaped eyes that were filled with a effervescent, constellation blue, accompanied by the vibrant arcane glow that were the signature mark of her race. Long and thick lashes lined her eyes, giving her luminous gaze a lot more perceptible than normal. And below her eyes was a slim nose that was slightly upturned at the tip, and below them a pair of full, pouting bow-shaped lips that held a natural blush to them, and often molded into a cheery and charming smile, probable that it was practiced and perfected from birth.Her very sweet, symetical features and unblemished porcelain skin are the last things that allow her to have such an ethereal beauty.

She was far too comely by any feasible standard. With every soft angle of her face or the single curve where her body eases from one place to another could easily be assumed that she was a walking picture, or a product of some genetic mingling by mages, appearing far too ethereal and vibrant to be of the land she walked upon. However, an outstanding pedigree and lineage prove to be all that is responsibile for her nigh objectively beautiful features. All but bred to be that which she is, hers is an appearance carefully molded and a manner painstakingly perfected.

Auroralina was still considerably young for her race, being only about two-hundred and five. She was a lovely woman of fresh adulthood, dainty and rosy-cheeked as one of Pandaria's peaches, and universally famed, not merely for her beauty, but her vast expectations.

Auroralina kept long, meticulously kept platinum blonde hair that fell in most elegant waves, the tresses seem to always fall in whatever way that was most pleasing to the eye. Her hair veiled the exemplarly, heart-shaped face and brought out her luminous sapphire gaze that was otherwise focused intently on much bigger things. Long elven ears poked from the silvery screen of her hair, an easily reconizeable trait of her race. Her ears were pierced with simple azure gems.
312px-Elf girl by senryuji-d5qtz33

Aurora carried herself with a confident poise, suited for her position of power; she walked with her shoulders back and one foot planted firmly infront of the other, with grace and patience. She most certainly upheld the rumours of the Elven dexterity. 

nd while dainty and slight in her own right, her body was suited for a woman and Lady. Her shoulders were slight and ideal, mirroring her just as slight limbs and little hands and feet. Becoming a mother only accentuated her womanly curves, giving her large breasts that filled out her gowns in a more splendid fashion than before, her body only accentuated with the slightly tight corset and bodice she wore beneath her clothing. Her stomach was smooth and flat, just as delicate as the rest of her, matching an equally as dainty waist. Her hips were just slightly widened now, and eventually curved into a pleasant rear. There was indeed a lack of muscle in this woman, a clear sign that she had not lifted a finger in her several hundred years of living.

The decore this exquisite lady wore was plentiful ammounts of expensive and beautiful jewlrely. At her prominent collarbones there hung a frail golden chain, weighed down by a slightly heavy heart-shaped locket made of fine gold. And somewhere in her clothing was another pendant tucked in her pocket, made of pure elementium and bore her Houses insignia on the front. The words "Dawnveil" on the back in beautiful alako writing. Arcane and golden runes skittered across its surface, as well as intricate elven designs. 

On her wedding finger was a glimmering gold band that was almost as frail and glowing as the Lady herself. On the same finger, right beneath her wedding ring was her enegagement ring, it's diamond stone extremely large and reflecting light in all directions; sparkling constantly. On her right hand, on the ring finger, lays a beautiful moonsilver ring that was crafted to make it appear as if vines were wrapping around her tiny finger. The 'vines' were studed with roses made of fine studs of aquamarine. There was an thalassian inscription on the inside of the ring.

On her left hand, a platinum bracelet was secured onto her wrist with two rubies set in it. On the back side of it, an engraving read 'For my love'. 

Auroralina had all the qualities of a leader and a Lady - just as fierce as her father, she insists on leading large armies into battle and has a passion for the betterment of the Alliance and her people. She hopes the one day reclaim the land of Quel'thalas that was lost to her people in the Third War. 

History (Part I)

"Just like the dawn of morning, the Dawnveils will rise."  Auroralina Dawnveil 

Hundreds of years ago, a nobleman by the name of Tellerion existed, living in peace and serenity with his people, the Quel'dorei. He lived in the southern part of the kingdom of Quel'thalas, which is now modern-day Hinterlands and married a lovely woman of similar noble heritage, Lady Kaldina Sunhymn. 

The marriage was arranged and beneficial to both noble houses, the noble House of Sunhymn would be recieving a great deal of land that they had desperately needed, along with cattle and spices from House Dawnveil, and House Dawnveil would recieve not only the Houses only daughter, as beautiful as she was,

Lady Kaldina Sunhymn (Dawnveil)

they would also be joining two Houses and obtaining new soldiers that the Dawnveils needed for defense. Not one Elf in Quel'thalas has not heard of the name Dawnveil, as the noble House had a very prominent role in the later years when the House aided in the war effort against the Scourge when the army came trodding through Quel'thalas. The Dawnveils were not only known for their vicious, war-hungry armies, but they were also well known to the High Elves as a generous, charity-driven people. It was when Lord Tellerion Dawnveil married Lady Kaldina Sunhymn that he officially took head of House Dawnveil, and with his new power he went and purchased a decently sized portion of land and built an entire new, luxurious estate for his family to live on for hopefully, generations and generations. The estate itself was a modern, elven styled and quite simple mansion, stocked with luxurious expensive furniture and decore, and plentiful gardens for his darling wife to roam through on the days that he was away. The estate, its gardens and its few crops could be seen for miles and miles, and would often draw attention from the High Elves all over Quel'thalas, wanting to catch a look at the grand estate. 

Lord Tellerion was a war-hero and a very prominent High Elven warrior; although he was a nobleman, he often took it upon himself to command the Dawnveil armies, even though he had an appointed official to do so for him. He was well known for his battle speeches and leading his armies with a strong hand, and even stronger blade. He was passionate about his people and would easily lay down his life for the good of the quel'dorei and his family. It wasn't long after he was married that he and Lady Dawnveil concieved their first child. (although, it was not uncommon for nobles to have children immediately after they were wed.) 

Many suns passed before they welcomed their first born into the world; a daughter, whom would be named Cavrylin Dawnveil. Lord and Lady Dawnveil were overjoyed with the birth of their first child. Although still hoping for a son, the two nobles decided to try for another child a few years after the birth of Cavrylin. And they concieved again years later. Lady Kaldina prayed each night, thanking the Light for the healthy deliverance of her first born, and prayed again and again for another healthy deliverance for her second. As one of Quel'thalas' most prominent battle priestess' and doctors, Lady Dawnveil fully trusted prayer and relied on it alone, thoroughly. By the time she was very heavily with child, she had said not missed a day of prayer throughought her pregnancy, and would often pray with her young first born. 


Lord Tellerion and their first born.

Again another daughter was born to the Dawnveil family. Still, Lord and Lady Dawnveil was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed with the healthy baby girl that they had affectionately named after Lady Dawnveil's mother, Aiolasia. After Lady Dawnveil had gotten back on her feet, and healed after the birth of Aiolasia, she began to do more work within the church and be an active Priestess once more, healing the wounded and ill. But there was always that nagging thought of a son that troubled Lord and Lady Dawnveil, as it was necessary for the first born son of a noble family to inherit all its lands and wealth. The third time Lord and Lady Dawnveil concieved a child, they again hoped for a Dawnveil heir. It was during Lady Kaldina's third pregnancy that she had noticed a holy aptitude within Cavrylin Dawnveil, who had shown signs of holy magic. As soon as Cavrylin was able to walk Lady Kaldina Dawnveil enrolled her first born into one of the abbeys nearby, as an apprentice to a well respected Priest. Lady Dawnveil would do the same for her second born daughter as well. 

Months later, Lady Dawnveil delivered, yet another daughter to the Dawnveil home. The youngest child of the Dawnveil house was born in the coming spring, when the heat was returning to the lands. Lady Kaldina once recalled, "I just remember the warmth from that day, and how the fire from the sun warmed our lands. I knew our third child was to be born on that day."  


Lady Kaldina, with child.

Lord and Lady Dawnveil named their third daughter Auroralina or, Aurora, for short. And that is when Lord Tellerion decided to give the Dawnveil inheritence to their first born, despite Cavrylin being a female. So they stopped trying to concieve a son, and lived contently with their three daughters. Lady Kaldina saw this as a sign from the Light that they would have no sons, and that their wealth and lands, rightfully, belonged to their first born daughter.

Education (II)

Auroralina and her two older sisters were all enrolled in the same abbey, and assigned many mentors - all well known Priests of Quel'thalas that would educate the three Dawnveil daughters on the way of the light. As years and years went by, each of the girls developed their own personalities and were sculpted into well crafted, well designed noble children. Cavrylin was a natual priest, catching onto the art quickly. She was the most well tempered and patient of the three, and was a very calm child with a natural ability to charm the older adults into recieving what she wanted. She impressed her mentors by her abilities of a strong smite, and a piercing blast of holy fire. Cavrylin was also the most studious, she could always be found away in a corner in her room
126px-WoWScrnShot 052813 005422

Young Cavrylin

amoungst blankets and pillows and many candles, reading, writing, and studying. She found reading and writing to be one of her most favored times, and the best times. But the middle-child of the Dawnveil sisters, Aiolasia, did not seem to impress much of anyone, and in fact she got into trouble on a daily basis. It appeared that she'd rather light things on fire or play minor illusion

Aiolasia Dawnveil by Jace Beleneaux.

tricks on her mentors than sit down and practice healing and other holy magic. Although she tolerated the lessons and learned quite a bit, she secretly snuck off to the training posts to train with the older magisters who were practicing the ways of fire and arcane. She became increasingly crafty in her magical studies, which would often land her in trouble when her fire accidentally caught onto something that wasn't a target. When her mother and father grew tired of Aiolasia's antics, they decided it was best to send her to a more proper academy when she was older, Duskwither Academy. She was enrolled there to study magic and spells, and not the Light and holy magic like her sisters. Aiolasia was thrilled with this decision of her parents, and was a little more tamed after some time spent at the Academy, doing what she loved best.

Auroralina, however was what her mentors called 'the Light's vessel'. Although certainly not so well mannered as Cavrylin, she completely and whole heartedly embraced the Light. She excelled in healing and even displayed a strong aptitude for becoming a Battle Priest. Aurora was fiery and passionate, just like her father, and was eager to use each new spell she learned. Although not as mischevious and troublesome as her older sister Aiolasia, Auroralina was very short tempered and was quick to set her mentors robe a flame with holy fire when angered, which would often leave her being led to her mother to be scolded and reprehended.

Besides the childrens mentoring at the abbey, and Aiolasia and her lessons at Duskwither, as noble children they were given the highest form of education. They were each taught to read, to write, and all the basics including additional literacy classes for children whos parents could afford it. Each of the Dawnveil daughters were exceptionally bright and intelligent for their age, and their classes were easy for them. Cavrylin often bored her younger sisters with her thirst for knowledge, her nose always in a book, while the younger sisters played and entertained themselves whenever they could get away from an older adult who looked after them, which was not often.


Wandering Aurora.

And besides the constant mentoring, going to school, practicing all of the days lessons, ontop of that the three daughters were also taught lessons on becoming a Lady. Proper posture, proper speaking, writing, balance, grace, and everything else that came with being Lady of the House. As daughters, all three of them were taught this, but their mother pressured it onto Cavrylin, who would someday be recieving the title of Lady Dawnveil and Head of House Dawnveil. 

Cavrylin embraced the lessons while Aurora tolerated them, but Aiolasia certainly wasn't interested, although was forced into it like her other sisters. Each of the Dawnveil children were educated daily, for not only becoming Priestess' (and in Aiolasia's case, a mage) but also ladies and mothers. 

Valynissa Lightfury played a prominent role in the girls lives. Valynissa Lightfury was a High Elven spellbreaker and first female to become Captain of the Dawnveil Guard Force. (DGF) Valynissa was a fierce and loyal protector of Lady Kaldina Dawnveil even before the children were born. Between the Dawnveil children being born, she too married a local Ranger, Landuin Lightfury and had three children with him, her oldest, Amberynn Lightfury, and following was Aurieyth Lightfury and Alastaire Lightfury. Her children were good friends of the Dawnveil children, and the children often called eachother 'cousins', although they were not related.

Valynissa was a skilled warrior and Spellbreaker. She helped educate the Dawnveil children in any way that she could, while also dedicating her life to protecting the Dawnveil children and the Lord and Lady of the House. She grew to love the Dawnveils like they were her own. 

The Third War (III)

Before the Third War, another in-family war rose within the House. One of the most notable Priests in Quel'thalas at the time had recently been found dead within the walls of his own Cathedral, a bishop and
Children of hurin again xd by fee absinthe-d4sc0b9

Young Aurora before her fathers execution.

father of five children. Not only had the bishop been murdered, but clues of his assiliant had been left all pointing to Lord Tellerion Dawnveil. When accusations and rumours spread through Quel'thalas, Lord Tellerion was taken aback by the accusations and lies that were filling his countrymens ears. Someone had framed Lord Dawnveil, and to this day, no one had known why or who had done it. 

But Lord Tellerion was killed for the death of the Bishop, for a murder he did not commit. Everything came to pieces that day, and the Dawnveil daughters were left crushed and broken beyond belief. And their mother, Lady Kaldina Dawnveil, now a widow, was left in even worse shape. 

Weeks later, in the midst of the Dawnveils mourning for Lord Tellerion, there was happiness for the middle-child Aiolasia Dawnveil. News of Aiolasia's marriage to a Lord far east was spreading through Quel'thalas, as it was not uncommon to hear of noble marriages. It appeared that Aiolasia and Lord Arelien Duskgale eloped and married quickly. Lady Kaldina Dawnveil was furious with her daughters engagement, as Aiolasia Dawnveil was now Lady of House Duskgale - against her mothers wishes. When Aiolasia came to the Dawnveil estate days later, she was greeted by her mother at the doorstep, immediately disowning her daughter and sending her away. Almost immediately after Aiolasia being disowned, she left the Dawnveil home to her husbands land far away, where she'd remain with him.


Auroralina was crushed with the news of Aiolasia's disownment and the news of her sisters permanent stay in the Duskgale lands. She relied solely on her older sister Cavrylin and her guardian Valynissa to get her through the days without her father and sister. It wasn't uncommon for Aurora to spend long afternoons in either Cavrylin or Valynissa's arms, crying and praying with them.

A few months after Lord Tellerion's funeral that the Dawnveils had in secret, Cavrylin Dawnveil decided to leave the home and travel to the unknown. She disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving no word. Auroralina was now very much alone. Aurora was still young, approaching the age of marriage soon. She was bethrothed to a quel'dorei noble since she was born, and was childhood friends with the older, handsome elf by the name of Aundwyn Amberglade. A week or so before her marriage to him, that is when even more chaos erupted within not just the Dawnveil home this time, but the entire land of Quel'thalas.


Valynissa Lightfury.

Valynissa Lightfury promised to return to the Dawnveils two days before Aurora's marriage, as she went to visit her parents far north for two weeks. Aurora was left with no one except her mother, who remained distant from everyone, as she was too devestated by her husbands death to do much of anything. House Dawnveil was declining, as there was no one to lead or command.

News of armies of the Scourge treading through the high kingdom quickly spread throughought the land. The only word sent at this news was from Lady Kaldina, who told a Lieutenant of the Dawnveil Guard Force to send all of the Dawnveil troops to the Gates where they would defend Quel'thalas with everything that they had. And so they did. The Dawnveil estate was in an uproar, and evacuations were being yelled throughought the Kingdom and all of the Quel'dorei seemed to be in immediate danger.

Hours after dark, somehow and somewhere between the Scourge burning through Quel'thalas, the Dawnveil estate was a flame. Auroralina managed to escape the fire, and mounted her mothers horse and began to ride far north, in nothing but her nightgown and a pair of slippers. She had a sack of gold with her and a few basic supplies she managed to grab in the midst of the fire, but that was all she had. 

Meanwhile, in the midst of the Scourge attacking Quel'thalas, Valynissa dressed in her finest armor and gathered both her husband and her two children and charged all the way towards the Dawnveil lands to retrieve the people she was sworn to protect, the people she loved and the people she dedicated her life to. Admist their journey, her and her husband had cut down several of the Scourge minions, fighting off attackers on their journey, and finally when the Dawnveil estate was in sight, but a flame. Valynissa began to yell for Auroralina, screaming her name - but that is when the Scourge arrived. A huge wave of the Lich King's minions charged at her and her family, and she ordered her husband to take the children away. Her husband, having no choice, took both their children and fled away. Valynissa fought with everything she had, and as soon as the battle looked good for her, she was fatally speared in the back with a sword. Later, she would be risen as one of the Lich King's undead soldiers. 

The Journey

Auroralina managed to dodge the Scourge and their burning wake, escaping Quel'thalas with her life. She kept travelling far north, making camp only twice. It was a lot to learn and a lot of getting used to for a noble, who before the chaos, knew nothing but warm beds and hot tea. But now she had to survive, and that was her main goal. To keep herself and her steed fed and hydrated.

Soon, Auroralina stopped in the Wetlands, finding a small inn and giving the inkeeper a few gold for a room. She decided she would stay at the inn until she figured out the rest of her plan and what she was going to do. She stayed there for a long while.

Aiolasia and her husband also managed to flee the now burning Quel'thalas, and stayed in the safety of a small refuge camp to the west. A few weeks later, with Quel'thalas destroyed, along with its Dawnveil soldiers, Aiolasia made the journey by herself to look for her family. When she approached the Dawnveil lands, the entire land was burned to the ground - most of it in ashes. The only remaining structures was the main entrance and a few rooms, as well as the vaults that could only be opened by Dawnveil blood.

Aiolasia decided to look for her sister, and she travelled north on a Hawkstrider to follow her sisters trail. She knew her sister, and decided to go on whim looking for her on no clues. After a few weeks of searching, she decided to stop in the said inn mentioned before in the Wetlands, and, by meer coincidence, she found Auroralina. The sisters were overjoyed with the reunion and they travelled back to the refuge camp together to retrieve Aiolasia's husband. 

Aiolasia's husband was no where to be found, and the other elves at the camp had told the Dawnveils that he had left a few days after Aiolasia did, assuming he was looking for his wife. Aiolasia knew this was not the case. After some days of waiting for her husband to return, she knew that he would not return, so Aiolasia and Auroralina decided to travel to the human city of Stormwind.

The Resurgence of Dawnveil 

Upon arriving in the city, Auroralina and Aiolasia immediately set their plan into action. Before the King and House of nobles, Auroralina takes claim to House Dawnveil, since the eldest sister Cavrylin was no where to be found and Aiolasia refused the head. It was the youngest Dawnveil sister who decided to passionately

The Arrival in Stormwind

take on the responsibility. The sisters spent a couple weeks in the city, establishing and planning the new Dawnveil (and also living off meager coins a day). Auroralina took a few small jobs, within the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, teaching small children the ways of the Light and also accepting a few mentoring jobs, while Aiolasia took a few jobs within the local taverns of Stormwind, whether it be from serving to bartending. 

Between the hard working sisters and between the mess of jobs that they worked, Aiolasia had came across a particular woman that would change their lives. Aiolasia was busy in Lakeshire, doing some charity work for the children there when she came across her. While taking some leisure time at one of the inns, ordering herself a drink and what not and tossing a few flame balls at the practice target outside, a woman approached her and complimented on her throws. This woman was to be known as 'Kallypso'. After speaking and exchanging throwing techninques, Kallypso said her goodbye and left.

After a short period of time, however, Aiolasia had awoken to a single folded card lying on her nightstand. This card has an open palm on its print with a date, time, and place written on it. Curious, Aiolasia went to said place and sure enough, Kallypso was waiting for her. Aiolasia came to find out that Kallypso was the leader of the SIA, or, better known as the Stormwind Intelligence Agency, a branch of the SI:7. Kallypso offered her a spot in the agency, and Aiolasia enthusiastically accepted and eventually introduced

Kallypso Linn Cooper.

Auroralina to Kallypso, where Aurora would also be recruited for her skill in the shadow, bows and daggers - and this would also be where Kallypso began to professionally train Auroralina. It wasn't long that the three women - Kallypso, Aiolasia, and Auroralina were inseperable. The women lead the agency for many years, and accumulated some wealth to their name.

Auroralina and Aiolasia travel north after some time  to finally reclaim their wealth that was hidden in the Dawnveil vaults, enchanted only to open by Dawnveil blood. As they finally arrive, they find the remnants of what used to be their luxurious, beautiful estate, and together their find the semi-seared vaults and open it. There, they gather what was rightfully theirs and transport it back to the human city of Stormwind. Again, the exhausted sisters travel back south, this time by gryphon.

Using the reclaimed Dawnveil wealth, Auroralina takes over a substantial amount of land in the northern kingdom. Because Alterac, Stormgarde and Lordaeron are no more, no one can trusy contest her take over of the land. When the time finally came, they decided that they would call their estate "Fin'thalas", meaning the last home. The sisters promised never again would they let anything take away what was rightfully theirs.

Auroralina and Aiolasia finally decided that they would begin to reform their House, under Aurora's leadership. Aurora then went to Kallypso, and proposed the idea that Kallypso join them. Kallypso, after some thinking, decided to hand leadership of the SIA to one of her officiers and join her bestfriends as they reform their House.

Together, Lady Dawnveil, her sister, and Kallypso rebuild from what was nothing - just a meer foundation of what Dawnveil once was, but together, they built the House in what is it today - a politcal, wealthy, and fiercely powerful home. 

Marriage and Children


Mother and Priestess, Auroralina

Romance was far from Aurora's mind between the Dawnveils arrival in Stormwind and the reclaimation of her wealth and House. For several years, and almost an entire decade Auroralina went without any romantic relationships, going so far as to not even make friendships with the males in the city, besides the many, many advancements pressed upon her by starstruck men. Aurora and her sister Aiolasia focused solely on House Dawnveil and building their power back after the fall of their family.  However, after about a decade of doing nothing but building their legacy, Auroralina came to the realization that she was, although much slower than the lesser races of Azeroth, aging. And as Lady of House Dawnveil, it was also her duty to create offspring that would carry on her name and inherit the Dawnveil lands and wealth. Auroralina slowly became open to the idea of looking for marriage and a husband to love and care for her. 

Auroralina began to make friends with the men who sought her hand, getting to know them and developing a relationship with them so that she could choose who would be most suited for her. Auroralina was briefly courted by an elven man, and it lasted for a few months until a particular issue caused them to drift apart. 

Several months later, the relationship came to a close on Aurora's terms, and her heart was broken for the first time. She decided that she'd no longer pursue her search for a husband, instead again focusing on the House and other matters.

Auroralina became enthralled within her work and could often be found at the very peak of Fin'thalas, high into the last floor of the manor in the dome-shaped study where she could be found laying in a loveseat with ten open books surrounded her as well as parchments and ink empty coffee mugs. Never before had she been more focused than she was at that period of time. Normally women with broken hearts were too distant to be working like she was - but it was quite the opposite for Aurora. 

Aurora often found herself worked to the point of exhaustion, which troubled her sisters and House members. But after Auroralina had repeatedly insisted that she was fine, her sisters as well as the House members stopped asking questions or attempting to get the noblewoman to settle down. Auroralina wouldn't settle for anything less than


Aurora and Aryck Lockwood. (

perfection. Soon after healing, Auroralina began to go on petty dates with other men that wanted her as their wives, but still, Auroralina wouldn't settle for anything less than perfection. She knew what kind of husband she wanted and wouldn't settle. Each of the men that went on dates with her wasn't what she was looking for.

Rora would often think back to the days of when her father was alive, and how he would tell her that she deserved nothing less than the world and a man who could carry it for her. She prayed every night to the Light and to her father, promising him that she would always respect what he had wished for his daughters. Rora knew that when she found the right man, she would capture him and never let him go.

It was unexpectedly that she was introduced to a human Knight from Westfall, by a mutual friend. Her friend, Rosemair, introduced him to her as Aryck Lockwood, a noble from Westfall and current heir. Auroralina, naturally, wasn't all that impressed with the human, as nobility was common to her and nothing about him stood out to her - unless you accounted for his otherwise very handsome appearance.

At first, Auroralina did not even look at the human as a potential candidate for her love, and only saw him as a friend of one of her good priestess friend. At the time, Auroralina began to have eyes for another very handsome elven man, named Tanarious Teilmyr.

Her mutual Priestess friend, Rosemair, would often come to greet Auroralina when she saw her in the Square and would often have Aryck with her while she chatted with her. Auroralina would gush about the handsome elf that she was enthralled with, completely oblivious to Aryck's affections for her.


Young lovers.

It was when Aryck came wounded from battle and how he saught Aurora's gentle hand to heal him, that Aurora came to realize her true affection for him. Charmed by his chivalry and gentle manner, it wasn't long before the two were inseperable.

After a brief courtship by Aryck Lockwood, it was apparent that he must have felt the same for her because after only a month Aryck proposed to her and the two were wedded on the ancient stones of Seradane, close to where Auroralina was born and where generations of Dawnveil marriages were held before hers.


Aryck and Aurora at their wedding.

The ceremony, held on the ancestral grounds of Seradane, was mostly quite ancient tradition of the quel'dorei and a mix of the human tradition, but Aryck willingly let Aurora have the wedding of her dreams. Her sister, Aiolasia, presided over the wedding, and since her father was no longer living to give his daughter away, it was also Aiolasia who gave her away to Aryck. 

Aiolasia would begin with, "Anar'alah'belore, we gather in these sacred ruins,  Blessed place given to the quel'dorei by the Light, this most cherished place of the Dawnveils and high elves is to celebrate the love of two beloved friends. Let they who seek this blessed union be named and brought forward under the loving arches of this most sacred place." 

And after a long ceremony with beautiful scriptures and elven words spoken, the two were bonded and married on the stones. Auroralina met much of Aryck's family for the first time after the wedding, in which she was secretly saddened by the lack of her own blood that could make it to her wedding. She found it hard to accept that most of her people and family were wiped out during the Third War, but nonetheless, Aurora was greatful that she gained a another family - the Lockwoods, that some would come to adore her but some, not so much either.

Auroralina and Aryck were enthusiastically in love. However, it wasn't long after they were married that Aryck went to fight in Pandaria, among the Alliance that stormed the beach with the King to create lions landing. Aryck returned after several months in Pandaria and Auroralina her sisters were also busy


planning their own expedition into the new land. However, when her husband returned Auroralina gave her newly returned eldest sister, Cavrylin, the go-head to plan without her while she and Aryck stayed cooped up in the Dawnveil estate for a happy reunition. After a few months, Auroralina found she was with child and would deliver a Dawnveil and Lockwood heir in ample time. Aryck was overjoyed with the news of his wifes pregnancy, and the two took it easy for the duration of it. Auroralina spent many days in the gardens of Fin'thalas, with a libram in one hand and her other hand on her growing belly while she read aloud to her developing child and praised the Light for granting her and her husband such luck with the easy conception of a child. Although Auroralina wasn't expecting any bad luck, because of the Dawnveils inherent good fertility, she was still rather reluctant to try for children and be disappointed in the long run, due to the elves time consuming conception problems.

Wife and mother.

Auroralina and her husband were inseperable, and Aryck, although quite nervous and hesitant about becoming a father, was just as excited as his wife was. 

Auroralina stayed ontop of the Dawnveil House plans and urgencies that required the lady of the house to attend, and with the help of her two sisters things were maintained despite all the chaos.  

Auroralina, mid-pregnancy even presided over a close friends wedding, the marriage of Chanel Daekyr and Jesen Quicksong. The wedding was held in a small chapel in the eastern plaguelands, and afterwards Aurora and her husband spent the a few hours under one of the plaguelands healthy oaks at Light's Hope, enthralled at the many kickings their child made. 

Many suns past when Auroralina was finally ready to deliver the child into the world. Shortly after Auroralina's wedding, her sister Aiolasia left with just a simple note detailing her spiritual journey in Pandaria, and promised to return soon. Aurora hadn't seen her sister since her wedding, and it was actually quite worrying her. 

Arelien, their first born.

The night of one of her House's meetings, the large House gathered within the great dining hall of Fin'thalas to discuss internal House affairs. Her husband was present, as well as a few of his friends that were willing to aid House Dawnveil and their plans to invade enemies in the North. Auroralina, rightfully, sat at the head of the long dining table with parchments and maps strewn about her area, while she passionately discussed the plans and what reinforcements they needed and what they did not. Mid-discussion, however, the door of the dining hall was pushed open abruptly and their stood her

Aryck and his son.

sister, healthy and well.

Auroralina got up in a start to embrace her sister and tell her how much she has missed her, ect. Aiolasia excitedly returned the hugs and kisses from her sister and after a few minutes of catching up, Aiolasia insisted her sister continue the meeting, as it was important and that they would have time to catch up later.



It wasn't soon after that that, rather unexpetedly Aurora went into labor. After the estate erupted in chaos, Aurora was laid into a bed to wait for the deliverance of her and Aryck's child. Soon Auroralina gave birth to a healthy, half-elven son, who was named after Aiolasia's deceased husband - Arelien.

Aurora and her husband were overjoyed with their new son, and their family was not even nearly complete, as Aurora and Aryck had discussed that they would have many more. Following Arelien, Aurora conceived again almost two years later  and again, another son was born to them, and this one was named Aiden. Not only does Aurora have to look after her family, but she also was Lady of House Dawnveil and she still, despite now having two young children with her beloved, continues to put together large public events and fund military opperations while also raising and leading an army of her own to lead into the Horde lands and aid in the Alliance war effort.

Auroralina's fertility as an elf was nothing short of a miracle, as she has had not too many problems with conception. Auroralina decided that her fertility was a blessing and nothing to be wasted, so she and Aryck decided on a large family. After Aiden, Auroralina welcomed twins into the world - Silas and Lorelei. Her children, of course, are a huge part of her life and she would do anything for them.


Twins - Silas and Lorelei.

Mists of Pandaria and Danil'fallah

When news of Pandaria being uncovered from the mists, Auroralina was a newly claimed bride and was in no situation to aid in the new land. But as a lady in her position, it was her responsibility to do whatever she could to aid King Varian and the new landing. It was immediately during this that her husband was sent to aid the King in lions landing, so after a tearful goodbye with her new husband, Aryck departed into Pandaria. 

Lions Landing.

When her husband left for the new land, it was Auroralina's decision to immediately delve into the plans of House Dawnveil's own expedition into the new world. Auroralina, Cavrylin and Aiolasia, the three Dawnveil sisters, began to plan and map out their journey as best they could. To make their journey as sucessful and smooth as possible, they carefully chose their ship and the people that would go with them on this brave, and far-fetched plan on travel.

Several months later, Aryck returned from Pandaria and after a happy reunion with her husband, they resided in their home, Fin'thalas, to spend time with eachother. Soon, and two months before the Dawnveils departure to Pandaria, Auroralina announced that she was pregnant, delaying their depature until after the child was born. Aryck and Auroralina couldn't be more happier with the news, despite their leave for Pandaria being delayed. When their son, Arelien, was born a healthy and happy, Aryck and Aurora delayed the Dawnveils leave even further to spend time with their new pride and joy. 


Departing on the Silver Swan.

After some ample time spent with her new family, and after promising her husband to be back in due time, the Dawnveils finally decided to set sail for Pandaria. Guilt slightly clouded Aurora's mind, but reminded by her sister Aiolasia that not only was she now a wife and mother, she was still a Lady of a noble house and in a position of power and was expected to lead. 

Auroralina and her sisters decided to call their ship they would depart on, "The Silver Swan".  So when the time came, they set sail on their ship, the Silver Swan, with a small army of Dawnveil soldiers at their disposal. On that ship was the most notable Dawnveil knight, and Captain of the Dawnveil Guard Force, Valynissa Lightfury. 

After a long journey, the Dawnveils arrived in Pandaria. There they would spend the next several months meeting Pandaren, and exploring and mapping out destinations in the new land. Auroralina was one of the Dawnveils most deeply effected with the encounter of the pandaren and their teachings, and began to be more attuned to life around her and the journey to Pandaria only enrichened her meditation. She was not the only Dawneil impacted by life on the new land, but the other Dawnveils felt the same as her and accumulated more knowledge and culturual enrichment. 

Auroralina decided that she wouldn't forsake any of the pandarens teachings and when she returned home. She was much more level-headed and admired the pandaren and their knowledge about emotions, chi, and attunement with nature. She frequently began to practice healing the wounded with chi and soothing mist.


Section of Danil'fallah.

It wasn't long before the Dawnveils decided that they would build a new, grand estate on the land of Pandaria, and they would call it "Danil'fallah", meaning, Peak of Balance in their native tongue. They decided that the estate was necessarily to fully live out the Pandaren teachings and to teach the important lessons to their children, and the children after theirs. 

Establishing connections and friendships was easy for the Dawnveil sisters in the new land, and soon, they paid many of Pandaria's most substantial constructors, and the building of their estate was in progress. During the time that they had the grand estate built, they left to return home. Auroralina was once again back in the arms of her husband, to be with him and her new son. After an ample ammount of time, the process being sped up by heavy ammounts of deligiant, determined workers and many many constructors helping to establish the estate, Danil'fallah was born. The beauty of the first High Elven establishment, carved into the mountains of the Jade Forests, can be seen for miles... just like the Dawneils childhood home. The image of their fathers estate was recreated into a new estate in the new land. 

And when the time did finally come, the Dawnveils decided to call their new estate not a "house" but a sanctum... A sanctuary, for all of those that resided within it, to live in peace and balance with eachother. 

Meanwhile, their old estate in the Eastern Kingdoms is still being used for local uses. Auroralina and her husband reside in the newly established Danil'fallah, and come to the Eastern Kingdoms via portals. It seems like a lot to go through to live in a home so far away from the kingdoms, but it all seemed to be worth it.

Sanctum of the Dawnveils

"The heart and soul of the Alliance lies not with the stone walls of Stormwind, not the Great Forge of Ironforge. Not even the great tree that is Teldrassil could compare to the fire that burns within every last man woman and child of the Alliance. It is the people we protect, that we serve, that we fight and inevitably die for. This is Dawnveil.

For a place of war and terror, with thousands upon thousands of lives being lost every single day with war and termoil - where does a being go for peace? For balance? For sanctuary? 

Lady Auroralina Dawnveil opens the doors to her newly established home that she calls a sanctuary, to the lost and weary souls of Azeroth. Whether it be a home to rest ones weary feet, or a noble cause to fight and die for... it is Dawnveil you can come to, the sanctuary you can always rely on to feed and cloth you, to mend your broken soul and to put fire back into the body that has lost its passion, its drive. Come and fight for us, or come and give your silent support. We welcome those of all walks of life.

The sanctum is not only just a home and sanctuary to put hope and life back into its occupants, but it is also something even more noble than that - we strive and dedicate our lives to helping the Alliance and aiding the war effort. We want to reclaim the land of Quel'thalas while also sending our armies to Pandaria to aid King Varian and the war that is burning the Pandaria lands. Come and fight for the Alliance, or just come to reside within our walls and give your support and help with the many world-wide, public events Dawnveil hosts to give funds to the Alliance and Royal treasury. Anyone can find a role within the sanctum." 

The Appearance

Hidden far into the skies and etched into the large mountains of the Jade forest and vast waterfalls, consistantly covered by a thick fog, is the sanctuary of House Dawnveil. The manor iteself is self sustained enviormen. Before 


Danil'fallah Gardens.

the manor,  long down the mountain, lies rolling farmland with many assortments of vegetables and garden greens well cared for. Passed the apple orchad next to the Manor, a small dock sits on the waters of the great sea at the bottom of the 


Danil'fallah's gardens.

mountains the estate was carved into. A shack sits beside it, full of fishing tools and bait materials that could be required. On the southern most lands of 


Danil'fallah back Courtyards.

Dawnveil property, lies the guesthouse. When guests come to visit the manor, but are not members of the house who are attuned to the enchanted sleeping quarters, they stay here. It is well taken care of as the Manor is, with comfortable beds and a stocked fireplace.Two small steps lead to a double door entrance. The Manor indefinitely giant, but it's quite the feat of craftmenship. The elaborate 


Danil'fallah's interior living quarters.

design of the building is of clear Elven descent. Vines grow along th walls, between the cracks of stone. Their leaves often caught the morning dew, giving the Manor a glowing radiance when the early morning sun shone down upon this noble house. The front, the gardens. To the side, the stables. [5] Upon entering the home, the twin doors swing open wide with the slightest creek, and the brush of stone sliding against marble. The first thing that might catch ones eye is of a painting on the far side of the room. Within it, sat a beautiful woman illuminated in a glow of the light. She had an azure halo glowing above her crown, her serene smile sent down upon all walking into her sanctuary. Her ears were pointed, and her eyes glowed with the same light that radiated from her.  The room led to the kitchen on the left, with a staircase on the far wall, spiraling up to the next floor of the manor. The kitchen is a well lit room. The kitchen is filled with anything a chef of the House could ever want. An assortment of pots and pans lined  the hanging hooks where they were to be held. Even equip with a faucet that the well flowed into with a bit of help from gnomish engineering. Utensils and plates were stacked neatly in the corners of the room, each bearing bearing intricate elven designs over their surfaces. The stove was large with multiple spots for cooking, as well as an oven. Piles of wood were stacked in a supply closet adjacent to the kitchen, always there for when needed.



Up the stairs, the first room encountered was the dining hall. A long table with a white cloth pulled over it, the edges each matching perfectly as if great care was taken to place it. Candles flickered in the dim room as no guests sat in it, standing from the wall with a few lining over the table. It looked as if thirty or more guests could be fit into this room at any given time. A door at the far end led to another room. The living quarters is by far one of the most well furbished rooms of the manor. Chairs and tables littered the room along with couches and day beds. It was clear this is where the members of the sanctum spent the majority of the their time. A large fireplace sat on the north wall. Stones curtained down, a metal curtain keeping the fire from touching anything on the outside. A roaring fire blazed within, keeping the room at a nice warm tempature.  [8]Out of the living quarters, lies along hallway filled with many, MANY doors. The hallway seems to be endless, were one to contine to walk down it forever. It becomes instantly clear that it;s enchanted, as one could look back and see the living quarters is still right behind you after hours of walking. Each doors hold a room inside of it, belonging to a specific member of the sanctum. The magic reconizes the member of the house and brings their specific door to them. The purpose is so that the House can have as many members as possible without ever running out of space. When you go up the stairs, you are entering the Dawnveil Study. A glass dome sits ontop of the manor, it's view reaching all around the lands that surround the house. The walls are littered with shelves that reach to eight feet, ladders that glide poised against each of them. Books, the old and the new, line the shelves with not a single title out of order. Some books are written in Thalassian, though most are in common. An exitway from the study leads to a small balcony that overlooks the house gardens and the ocean with a stone railing to lean on.


Lord Tellerion Dawnveil (father, deceased)
Lady Kaldina Sunhymn Dawnveil (mother, deceased)
Lady Cavrylin Dawnveil (sister, alive)
Lady Aiolasia Dawnveil (sister, alive)
Lord Vaedorn Dawnveil (uncle, deceased)
Lady Catrinna Dawnveil (aunt-in-law, deceased)
Maelanor Dawnveil (cousin, alive)
Lady Belleria Sunhymn Sunscar (aunt, deceased)
Lord Rythaeden Sunscar (uncle-in-law, deceased)
Blairewyn Sunscar (cousin, alive)
Simmone Ladiah Dawnveil (aunt, presumingly deceased, missing)
Aryck Lockwood (husband, alive)
Arelien Lockwood Dawnveil (son, alive)
Aiden Lockwood Dawnveil

(son, alive)

Silas Lockwood Dawnveil (son, alive)
Lorelei Lockwood Dawnveil (daughter, alive)

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