Lunania is a young Blood Elf Huntress, a former Farstrider and a current freelancer.


Her Beginning.

Lunania was the first born child of Yunia Starflight, a well respected Priestess and Amrail Starflight, a skilled Warrior.

The Scourge Invasion.

The Aftermath and Outlands.

Journey to Northrend.




Luna is highly skilled in ranged combat, but stumbles when caught in melee. She knows how to use daggers, polearms, staves and swords, but does not know many abilities within melee, her main disadvantage.


"Oh hey, big explosion... Wonder if there's any scraps left." (Referance to Luna being an Engineer.)

"I don't miss by accident..."


- Her name does not have a real meaning. I simply wanted a character named 'Luna', which of course comes from the word 'Lunar' meaning Moon in Latin.

- Luna has server hoped at least 3 times. She was first created on Maelstrom, transferred to Khaz Modan, leveled to 70/80 on Khaz Modan, and finally moved to Wyrmrest Accord for RP.

- She actually has a sweet tooth.

- Luna is highly prejudice against once class and one race; Death Knights and Humans.

- She has indeed, killed three Blood Knights in the past. Two of them were fed to her pets to destroy evidence.

- Luna has gone through well over 100 different pets. Most of course were abandoned, although in lore terms, she has trained many pets for combat.

- Luna has been rerolled four times on the night of BCs release.

- She has an unknown southern/country accent in game.

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