Lanae Evermourn is a Farstrider woman dispatched by previous Dawnsworn matriarch, Enlathielle Dawnsworn, to serve in the Thalassian Strike Team of the Dawnsworn Covenant. Lanae is a ranger without a bestial companion and prefers it this way, still grieving the loss of her previous dragonhawk, Windfury. Without reliance of an animal partner in combat, Lanae has honed proficiency in the wielding of daggers when she is drawn into close quarter combat. This seldom happens, as she prefers her enemies at a distance and many fail to come within range.

History Unabridged

Lanae Evermourn is a veteran of several Alliance conflicts and was often tasked with dispatching renegade troll groups in Quel'Thalas.


Lanae is one to rarely accept excuses or pardons. She believes mistakes must be amended by rigorous means and anything less is unforgivable. She has been known to display kindness to children, though to those who have only just met her it comes across as unsettling. Her attitude towards nobility can be described as indifferent at best and wary at worst. She believes most, if not at all, have ulterior motives for those around them.