Lanae Evermourn is a Farstrider woman dispatched by previous Dawnsworn matriarch, Enlathielle Dawnsworn, to serve in the Thalassian Strike Team of the Dawnsworn Covenant. Lanae is a ranger without a bestial companion and prefers it this way, still grieving the loss of her previous dragonhawk, Windfury. Without reliance of an animal partner in combat, Lanae has honed proficiency in the wielding of daggers when she is drawn into close quarter combat. This seldom happens, as she prefers her enemies at a distance and many fail to come within range.

History Unabridged

Lanae was born out of wedlock after a series of precarious trysts between Halethon Whitehawk and Salerren Windstrider. Halethon was vainglorious and preferred it unknown that he bedded Salerren so frequently, raised into his household as a handmaiden. Halethon, originally, spent much of his young life tormenting the young Salerren by using a gifted wand to turn her hairbrushes into beetles and other vile insects. Halethon's pranks went unappreciated when his own relatives and parents became the targets, and thus he was sent away with a mentor of the Farstriders to learn him in the ways of the ranger.

Upon his return, he discovered Salerren had blossomed into a gorgeous woman, and saw an opportunity. For a time, he was enamored, and the two began their affair as his fondness and newfound respect for her had earned him her own feelings.

Halethon was then introduced to his promised, an heiress of considerable Thalassian pedigree. The status she would attain upon the retirement or passing of her mother enticed him, and so Halethon ultimately made the decision to forget his paramour. Salerren was heartbroken, and fate was unkind. She was with child when Halethon made his choice. Attempts to bring the pregnancy to the attention of the peers of Halethon proved failures each time, as she was unable to provide irrefutable proof their treasured progency sired the baby in her growing belly. Halethon demanded Salerren banished from the Whitehawk holdings, and it was made so, much to the relief of him and his betrothed. Though, Salerren never met the woman who assumed her to be a rival.

Lanae was born, raised by an embittered mother. It was apparent since her earliest days that while Salerren had maternal urges, she possessed no warmth for Lanae, who was born with the golden hair of her father-a further insult in the eyes of her mother. Lanae was never revealed the circumstances of her birth and any attempt to learn of her father was met with petulance and refusal. For several years, Lanae took it upon herself to investigate, though she was thwarted by Salerren at every turn and none she asked would answer her questions. It was only when Salerren fabricated a tale of her unknown father dying that Lanae decided it to be a lost cause, and she turned a focus to the Farstriders. Begrudgingly, Salerren agreed to allow Lanae pursue her interests. Whether by the graces of her paternal bloodlines or extensive training, Lanae made exemplary progress, surpassing students who began even years or so before. Her mentor, Loryline, had a growing motherly fondness for her protege and the two developed an unshakable bond.

Lanae began to adopt the apathy of her mentor, a High Elf with little tolerance for imperfection and weakness, and this philosophy very clearly took hold in her continued training. She would spend several weeks abroad with Loryline, eradicating trolls who continued to harass denizens of Quel'Thalas, besting other students and building bonds with an array of bestial companions. To gain the approval of her mother, Lanae frequently wrote to her, regaling her victories and the speedy progress. To her surprise, Salerren was never pleased, and Lanae eventually ended her stream of letters. She shed her last name and donned a false one, "Emberwing."

So impressed was Loryline with her progress, that her mentor presented Lanae "Emberwing" to her superiors and even to her family when she was old enough. Lanae was impressed to find that her mentor had wed Ranger-Captain Halethon Whitehawk. With Halethon, Loryline discussed the prospect of adopting Lanae as a child to the Whitehawk family, believing she might further their reputable legacy as Farstriders and further divulged the estranged relationship between her protege and her own mother. Upon learning Lanae's true surname and mother, Halethon agreed, having regretted allowing Salerren to take his first child away. Though, Halethon had never revealed to Loryline Salerren's name, and sought to keep it that way.

When Salerren learned of the new family to adopt her daughter, she was furious, and inevitably the epiphany she had failed as a mother destroyed her. In parting, Salerren explained all of what transpired between she and Halethon to Lanae, before vanishing from Quel'Thalas entirely. Distraught and overwhelmed, Lanae declined to be taken as a "Whitehawk" and remained a Windstrider. Loryline went through a tedious process to annul her marriage to Halethon and the Whitehawk family lost their opportunity to attain a higher status. It was never said why Loryline was convinced to do so.


Lanae is one to rarely accept excuses or pardons. She believes mistakes must be amended by rigorous means and anything less is unforgivable. She has been known to display kindness to children, though to those who have only just met her it comes across as unsettling. Her attitude towards nobility can be described as indifferent at best and wary at worst. She believes most, if not at all, have ulterior motives for those around them.

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