Physical Description

At first sight, Lance has the discernible, common look of a soldier. While not physically imposing in the sense of a brute, his build retains the essence of training and timeworn exposure to combat- lithe limbs, toned muscles, and the occasional drag of exhaustion.

Average, albeit weathered features show signs of tear and battle, the most noticeable being the jagged, somewhat faded gash under his right eye. The scar is often covered, poorly, by any arrangement of goggles, eye patches or lenses.

He is often seen in an ornate suit of chainmail that is reinforced with furs, steel plates, and decorative embellishments. One of any of his trusty rifles, crossbows, or bows can be found across his back at most times, and as one could expect, a bandolier carrying munitions generally accompanies the firearms.







External Links

Topsail's Armory Page

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