Limerick Lifespark is a young Gnomish priest who, like many of her race, was recently rescued from being trapped inside the irradiated Gnomeregan with the gnomes' advancement inside of the fallen city.


Limerick spent her formative years under the tutelage of her Engineer father. She proved to have a quick mind and steady hands, the two things most important for any tinkerer, and soon rose to no small amount of prominence as a prodigy of the art. She branched out to other areas of study, integrating theoretical arcanophysics with technology in ways no one had before considered --

Until she Discovered Something.

Something Big.

Limerick kept mute about the subject, but she couldn't be pried from her laboratory by any force. She stayed awake for days studying the Thing, experimenting, writing down notes. She disappeared for so long, her friends thought her dead and her family were terrified for her well-being, but she remained no matter what the opposition. Including, unfortunately, the irradiation of her home city.

Truth be told, she hardly even noticed the irradiation, personally; when asked about it, she shrugs it off. She seems to have managed to keep herself alive down there in the harshest conditions, though it raises the question of her sanity at the very least. When the rescue parties began tentative explorations into Gnomeregan, she was among the first to be rescued, though she doesn't seem to consider those people her 'saviors' -- they forced her to leave her life's work behind as they dragged her to the surface.





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