A ragtag expeditionary force of privateers, mercenaries and scholars commissioned by the Reliquary to shed light in the darkest reaches of the world, to lay claim to uncharted lands beyond Horde purview and amass objects of power and forbidden knowledge – by any means necessary. 

Whether their priceless prize is to be found in the sunless depths of a long-forgotten ruin, the cargo hold of an Alliance man-o-war or the dread clutches of a primordial terror beyond mortal comprehension, 
Lost Horizon will be there to snatch it away -- with style, panache and a whole lot of bickering.


Add two tablespoons Pirates of the Caribbean, one tablespoon Indiana Jones, sprinkle in a pinch of Black Sails, lightly season with Lovecraft; mix and stir. That's the general eclectic ambience Lost Horizon is striving for.

We're a brand-new guild just now embarking on our maiden voyage, looking for enthusiastic new members to join us.

Our focal point is currently the cursed ship Meridian and her intrepid crew of privateers, but we're looking beyond that. Treasure hunters, mercenaries, scholars, occultists, a menagerie of mystical misfits and (allegedly) reformed cultists ... anyone who might enjoy the notion of opportunistic adventure and ill-advisedly unravelling secrets mortals were never meant to know could easily find a place here.

What Do We Offer?

  • Sweeping storylines balancing swashbuckling heroics, gritty intrigue and visceral horror -- from the treacherous shores of the Broken Isles to the depths of Vash'jir, with many a misadventure, merry and macabre, along the way. One week might find the crew exploring a sunken temple, another on the run from the Alliance navy, another still staging a heist into a Kirin Tor sanctum. And in the space between there's research to conduct, forbidden texts to consult, wayward ships to plunder and copious amounts of rum to drink.
  • Treasure hunts offering small-scale RP events and character development for parties of 2+. Pick an artifact lead on the procurement board and a GM will arrange a bite-size RP adventure.
  • A simple & flexible D6 system that allows characters to portray their myriad talents and flaws mechanically with minimal mess and fuss.
  • Casual PvX Nights. Mythics, raids and maybe PvP if you ask really, really nicely.

And last but certainly not least...

  • Camaraderie! A creative, tight-knit community committed to a laid-back, welcoming environment and collaborative storytelling that acknowledges every character as a protagonist and the lore as a framework – not a prison.

What Don't We Offer?

  • Dental. Sorry, but in the endless war against scurvy, there's bound to be a few sacrifices.

Contact Us!

If your curiosity is sufficiently piqued (or you just have questions), feel free to talk to one of our officers or even get right down to slinging an application our way via our forum.

Officers: Falfarrin, Mogweed, Magaerra/Zarlii