Lyir Darkhshan is a Blood elfin the Blackguard.


Lyir is small. Unobtrusive. Unnoticeable. She goes out of her way to be this way.

Otherwise if one did notice her they would see a young elf, dark tanned skin and black hair. She is never made up in anyway and the only thing extraordinary about her is that her clothes seem impeccably clean.


Lyir seems blank to most people, like she has no emotions. She tends to say odd things, things that fit into a conversation in a way. When she is in one place for too long, she moves things around until they somehow suit her needs.


Lyir is the twin sister to Lellis, and younger sister to Astenya. All her life she has followed Lellis around, supporting his career on the path of the Light in her own unique ways.

Now she follows him in his search for their long lost brother.

Recent Events

She recently met her brother Astenya, after not knowing him for nearly thirty years.

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