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Madame Faeyina was incredibly tall, skinny and looked quite spooky. Her skinny, bony frame was loosely covered in her infamous white and violet gowns that hung at her body like a wet cloth. She by no means looked 30, more like 45 or 50. Her large eyes were practically popped out of her head. They were deep, eerie color, like melted pools of pure steel. (When she's telling fortunes, her eyes have been known to take a violet hue.)
Her skin was leathery and tanned, being outside and performing most of her life. Her lips were painted a eye-popping purple color. And her nails were atleast an inch and a half long, filed and painted a deep violet. She wore a turban that gathered the silvery mess of white curls. It was apparent the strands were not greyed from age, but she was instead born with this oddly shiny, silver hair. She wore many anklets around her skinny ankles, and jingles when she walks. Same for her wrists, many gold bangles. 

When she spoke she carried a kind, loud and nasaly voice with some sort of strange accent. It could be hard to understand her if she spoke too fast.

A large arcane eye followed her constantly, glowing bright with arcane power. It often stares at people for a long time.

"One gold. A soothsayer has to eat too, you know."

((I use real tarot. I use GHI to get the random cards.))


Legend says that once upon a cold, winter day, there was a great boom and a flash of lightning far out into the sea. It was a very cloudy day at the time the boom was heard.

Several weeks after that, a performer of the Darkmoon Island found a crate that had washed up on the beach. It was a metal crate, covered in violet runes that pulsated and flickered despite the cloudy and cold day. 

When finally opened, there was a baby inside. This babe was said to be the Madame herself, coming from a far unknown origin. 

It was said that there was a simple note attached to the violet blankets that were drapped around the baby - and the only thing that was on this note was the words 'Faeyina'.


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