"Unless the Light is put out, the Shadows cannot be erased."
—Madisyn Croft
Madisyn Eleanor "Elle" Croft is former criminal from Gilneas whom later became an SI:7 Operative and freelance private investigator as well as an information broker working within Stormwind City.

Physical Description

A tricorne sat upon the orange haired head. Bright red locks flowing off her scalp and falling upon toned shoulders, a distant frown glued on the corners of her mouth, the tricorne tilted to hide her eyes from onlookers. The ginger colored hair swayed down and passed by her nose, drifting over the left side of her face. Her right eye was visible, and it sparkled the brightest shade of amber. Gazing into it, one could easily lose themselves within it.

 Dark leathers cascaded down the woman's shoulders and fluttered along her heels. The black trench coat hovered along her back and fit the figure snuggly. It wasn't to big, nor was it to small. A matching dark belt held the waist of the coat to her form, as well as housing a single rapier on her hip, and a gun holster on the opposite hip.

Black pants covered her legs well, letting them breath in the heat, but also insulating and keeping warm in the cold. Black boots lunged over the bottoms of her pants as they laced up her shin. Her face was soft, her nose narrow, her lips thin, and with a rounded chin, but she held that distant gaze in her eye, as if constantly in a recollection of something sorrowful. The magically inclined might be able to feel a slight magical presence coming from the woman, but where exactly it was couldn't be determined.


Madisyn in the past was often described as being a cheerful, energetic and bright young woman by her peers, Additionally, she was arguably the most flippant and carefree member of SI:7, frequently making sarcastic comments and jokes even in the heat of battle and often taking combat and hostile situations extremely lightly but her personality changed severely after years of distrust, betrayal and abandonment.

Madisyn's past negatively influenced her personality, leading to stubbornness, sleep deprivation and trust issues at times; however, she has a strong sense of righteousness. She displays a cool, reserved, and serious personality most of the time but does not lack a humorous side usually in the form of dry wit and sarcasm. Croft is a righteous person, respecting other people's lives regardless of whether they’re racial history. She strongly despises those who judge and discriminate based on racial prejudice, a fate she has suffered due to being a Gilnean.


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