Name: Markham Stouthammer
Age: 85 years
Race: Dwarf
Class: Shaman
Birthplace: Aerie Peak, Hinterlands
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Affiliation: The_Brotherhood_of_Iron
Professions: Mining/Skinning


Dark blue, spiral tattoos cover the weathered skin on both his arms and his mostly shaved head. A long, braided topknot is seen dangling down his back. Feathers are woven into his beard, most likely gryphon feathers, and small carved bones and stone idols are seen dangling from his belt.

Fairly burly in stature, unlike his usually slender Wildhammer brethren, but still not quite as stocky as an Ironforge dwarf.

A huge stone hammer is almost always seen strapped to his back. Upon simple observation, you cannot tell if he wields it with both hands or just one. Either way it looks formidable.

On very rare occasions, Markham's spirit form has taken the shape of a bear rather than a wolf. Even though it has only happened a few times in his life, it has led to much speculation among the other shamans at Aerie Peak, sparking numerous crazy and wild rumours. One particularly ludicrous rumour was that Markham's ancestors mixed with Furbolgs, but many have learned to not voice it in front of him or suffer dire consequences.


Markham led a fairly extensive life at Aerie Peak where he served his fellow Wildhammers: defending Aerie Peak from the neighboring trolls, monitoring the elemental activity in the region, and offering healing support to the Gryphon Riders.

He did travel occasionally to south through Loch Modan and to Ironforge from time to time, but he was quite content living his days in the wind-swept mountains of the Hinterlands.

That was until the Shattering.

Feeling the elemental unrest and disruptions, Markham did like many of the other shamans and set out across Azeroth to try and discover the source of the unrest. He even travelled as far as Kalimdor and was currently in Dustwallow Marsh when word came that the Bronzebeards suffered a great loss when Magni was turned to solid diamond. Immediately returning home, the Wildhammers were shocked to learn that the Dark Irons had taken control of Ironforge when Moira Bronzebeard took rulership and they urged the Alliance to assist them to re-open Ironforge's gates.

All shamans across the land cried out as another blow was dealt to the land of Azeroth when Deathwing re-emerged and broke free from his underground lair. The very lands were torn asunder and thousands perished in the cataclysmic events.

With the Council of the Three Hammers now formed, Markham was assigned with many other shaman to be stationed at Ironforge to offer their shamanistic teachings and to aid in recovering from the shattered lands left in the wake of Deathwing's return.


"That armor's got more feathers 'n Malfurion Stormrage!"

"Blasted trolls, they can't keep their ruddy tusks out o' Dwarf business!"

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