Out-of-Character (OOC)

Mir'Ashel was started as a personal guild on Emerald Dream, to provide a home for my alts and add some flavor to my character's backstory. It acted as a defunct entity, with only two official 'members.' Since moving to Wyrmrest Accord, reigniting some old storylines and plots has caused me to revisit Mir'Ashel, to perhaps make it into what it was always meant to be. It may end up being another personal guild, but I'm happy to see where it takes me.

We are heavy roleplayers, with a sense of humor. We are picky, judgmental, elitist, and everything else you wish roleplayers wouldn't be. We have fun, though, primarily at our own expense. We probably hate you.

In-Character (IC)

Mir'Ashel was born of necessity, a burden taken on by a young Jauren Dhyana. It was made up of a group of kids and troublemakers, left to be raised by the streets and looking for any sense of belonging. He prided himself on running his gang like a business, expecting professionalism and respect from his men. Boys, really. Punks and thugs, even more specifically.

The name could at best be translated as "white or opaque viper," representing both the deadly nature of their trade, and the self-imposed code of morale the gang held itself to. The gang wore whites and browns to further this display, standing out against the morbid look popular at the time.

The small group of mercenaries and informants grew over the years, becoming a legitimate force in the Silvermoon City underground. Held together by the idea of family and loyalty, something constantly craved by the street kids making up the bulk of his numbers, the gang seemed infallible.

Suffering blow after blow, however, the gang eventually spread itself too thin and faded into obscurity. The city fell and a while after, their leader himself disappeared. Dhyana's second-in-command, a young female (appropriately) named Eliat Dhyana, stepped in to take his place. Respected, level-headed, and passionate, few would doubt her ability to pull the gang out of its decade-long slump.


We don't actively recruit and probably never will. If you think this guild is your cup of tea, contact us and hit us up for some roleplay. Don't expect us to take you in just because you're a really badass rogue, but we'll certainly give you the time of day.


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