"There can be no peace while the enemies of justice still draw breath."
—Modimus Ironhill

Modimus Ironhill is an old school Ironforge warrior and paladin. Despite his piety, he remains staunchly patriotic and loyal to the Grand Alliance of Lordaeron.


Modimus is a complicated and troubled man. He has lived a long life of war and strife. He has walked a long path of fire that has tested his conviction and determination many times over.

To many, he is a cynical and jaded old man. But despite his sometimes bleak words, he refuses to give up the fight for what he believes is right.


A veteran of all three Great Wars and several conflicts in earlier decades against trolls, dark irons, and other threats, Modimus life is one defined by war.

One of the last living members of the venerable House Ironhill, Modimus' is loudly discontent with the Alliance leadership's numerous decisions to align itself with the Horde.


Vandimus Ironhill

Deceased and beloved cousin.

Mithras Ironhill

Cousin. Last living relative. Lives in Stormwind, working in Stormwind Keep as an advisor. A glutton and a coward in Modimus' opinion.


-"Once a good friend of mine told me that 'the times had changed'. He said, 'the orcs had their own kingdom now and the wars were over.' That 'things were different.' We could 'have peace.' Now, my old friend is dead and Theramore is a crater. I regret that my friend died before he could learn that we must never give up the fight if we want to survive."

-"What's the point of saving Azeroth if we let orcs, undead, monsters, and traitors turn it into a wasteland?"

-"Every time we trust the savage races it is paid for with the blood of the innocent."

-"There can be no peace while the enemies of justice still draw breath."


There is nothing trivial about this special snowflake.


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