"Our days are numbered; spend them wisely."

Mozelle Deliond is a mercenary of varied service with several years of experience under her belt, as well as a person of questionable morals and contacts.

Physical Description

Mozelle might have been considered average or pretty by conventional standards before she became the walking tapestry of scars she is today. Three talons raked across her left cheek, leaving prominent scarring across the flesh; the highest mark cuts across the cheekbone and the lowest is just below the corner of her lips. Above the scarring, a leather patch conceals the eye socket. On the right side of her face, mild burn scars cover the back half of her cheek.

Messy black hair with an uneven wave falls below her shoulders and is often pulled back in a simple ponytail. Her perpetual state of exhaustion is made visible in the dark circle beneath her remaining eye, and the bloodshot sclera is in sharp contrast to the sky blue of her iris. Crooked from several previous breakages, her nose is not what most people would consider pretty. High cheekbones and thin lips finish off her face.

Her figure is lean and lacks in both curves and bust. Pale skin is smattered with numerous scars from over the years.


History on Mozelle would be a difficult thing for one to find. Records indicate she was born in Elwynn Forest to Samantha and Avendral Deliond. She had two siblings: an older sister named Elsa and a twin named Seth. Records indicate they are all dead now, due to various causes.

By in large Mozelle avoided appearances in public records even into adulthood, with only the occasional entry into an organization's roster to mark her presence.

She joined the Icecrown Mercenary Camp in the wake of the Siege of Orgrimmar, and later on had a minor role in combating the Iron Tide alongside them. She did not participate in the Invasion of Tanaan and barely performed any service in the alternate Draenor.

After Alearah Duskgrove died and the Mercnary Camp was deactivated, Mozelle became one of the founding members of the Manafall Coalition under Karthe Surick. The group only lasted a few months before the decision was made to combine it with the Eastern Blade Consortium. After several months of service in the Eastern Blade and climbing the ranks to second-in-command of the Militant Division, Mozelle was fired.

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