"Fror has only a moment to study the maroon-haired dwarf barreling towards him with her hammer held high, ready to strike.

Fror tosses down his sword but leaves his shield buckled, "Muera! 'ow are ye?"
He raises his shield and attempts to duck right as the hammer falls.

Fror has always known that getting Muerabelle to engage in small talk can be similar to pulling teeth. This was gonna be one of those times."

Physical Description

Short and bulky. Maroon colored hair. Youthful, though gaunt facial features.

Her armor is dark and bears a striking resemblance to Blackrock design. Her hammer also seems to have taken inspiration in design. She is never seen without it.


Most often seen cool and collect. Typically doesn't speak unless spoken too, and even then, she has little to say.




-Muerabelle actually dislikes being referred to as Muera for short. She prefers Belle. Though she'd never call someone out on it.

External Links

. Muerabelle's Armory Page

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