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General Info

He is a member of the Syndicate, and is wanted by the Ravenholdts for the murders of there assassins and enforcers, that happened at Ravenholdt Manor. However, he is very secretive about his Syndicate life.

Though, Muttl Vardus now rests in a shallow grave near the captiol city of The Undercity, after being recently killed by Raveholdt assassins.

How he got to look like how he does

He was tortued by a man named Rayus and Twinks, they were hired to do so by a guard who's son was a attacked by Muttl. In the processed of the torturing he lost his cheeks (face), right leg, and tongue from it. And some skin that now leaves a scar that goes up from the left side of his head and stops at the turn.


He is always negative in bad times and when he is joyful, his misfortune is bound to kill it. Also at times he can be serious and other times joke around, like when hes with friends. And other times, when hes alone he usually has his guard up, and his poker face on. The only thing he takes pride and joy in are his engineering creations, and of course his spying skill.


  • Face: He has two round, holes where his cheaks use to be. Thus he can't smile, frown, etc. He also has some skin & flesh missing from a scar that goes up the right side of his face and goes to the side of his head. And when its about to go to the side of his head the scar stops.

  • Voice: He has a voice box lodged in his throat, allowing him to speak since he doesn't have a tongue. So now he sounds like hes talking out of a radio (And the the modern kind of radio ether!). This also allows him to speak most of the common languages. Like Dervish, Binary, Goblin, and so on.
  • Leg: His right leg is a bionic leg that was created with Dark Iron, Since he has that, he walks with a limp and a bit of a jump to his walk. Since he has a a bionic leg he has his pants cut up to his high leg and stops so it doesn't show any skin. Only a dark iron leg with a hinge at his knee, allowing it to bend and another hinge at the ball of his foot. A small phlogiston engine built into the thigh, so the leg can move with ease, but kick like a horse. The power souce last for one hour then he will ether have to re-charge it, or put in a new phlogiston pack.

Note/Update: Most of these, if not all, have been changed, healed, or removed.


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