"Chaeryl, I may perish tonight, but in my place many more of the Burning Legion's army will come and take the light out of your soul! Do you hear me? This is a promise."
—Naruion Sunkeep's final words.

Naruion Felo'rin I, the Felsworn(Born 21 March, -368. L.C.) was the former sovereign of Aloras'zune until he was discovered to have allied himself with the Burning Legion. He was defeated by Chaeryl Sunshatter, and various other Aloras'zune leaders in a coalition unseen in the-then turbulent and warring Aloras'zune empire. He was slain by Chaeryl Sunshatter on September 2, 37 L.C a month after the Battle of the Broken Shore.

Naruion is only survived by his distant relative Celasong Sunkeep. She survived the "Sunkeep Genocide" following the discovery of his treachery. Many in both the nobility and the citizens of Aloras'zune believed the entire House was corrupted, however, this was later proven to be untrue. Many smaller Houses took this reason to cite war with one another, seizing the opportunity to not only gain land, but prestige.

The remainder of his living legitimate children who were not murdered in the riots (The Sunkeep Genocide), or were converted into the Legion, fought along Chaeryl's Alliance to liberate Aloras'zune from the speculated impending summoning to begin a Legion invasion.

However, most perished at the "Battle for Aloras'zune." Leaving fate of the Crown uncertain, as Celasong Sunkeep refused to take the mantle of the role. Many pretenders soon reanimated, although, they were struck down and imprisoned by Chaeryl Sunshatter by reason of their involvement in the Sunkeep Genocide and perhaps Chaeryl's own greed for power.

Consort, Calestina Amora Sunkeep: Killed.

Aloras'zune Peerage

To be finished!

Preceded by: Sovereign of Aloras'zune Succeeded by:
Marvious Sunkeep Naruion Sunkeep Chaeryl Sunshatter
Preceded by: Patriarch of House Sunkeep Succeeded by:
Marvious Sunkeep Naruion Sunkeep Position destroyed

"Keepers" titles, Naruion was the first Alorsi sovereign to hold most than 5 official titles that came with land. He was known to eliminate political enemies within or around Aloras'zune. Then take their land, paired with their offices. These were soon distributed out to different individuals by Chaeryl Sunshatter or were absorbed/annexed into Aloras'zune. Some became Republics.

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