Physical Description

Narvah is tall and lanky like most trolls. Her skin is greenish and her hair is a bright red. She resembles forest trolls, particularly the Amani ones in Eversong Woods. Her tusks are thick and somewhat masculine for a female troll. Her eyes are a reddish orange.

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Narvah is a very young troll, so she hadn't matured very much yet. She's never felt totally at home anywhere that she remembers, so she usually seems a bit awkward. She tries to be friendly and helpful, but still needs to work on her people-skills. She devotes herself entirely to everything she does though. She loves making jewelry, loves going on missions, and loves going to sleep when all is said and done.


Narvah has had a rough journey. She was born an Amani troll in Tor'Watha. During a Sin'dorei attack on the Amani settlement, the little troll girl was rescued by a priest who couldn't bear to see harm come to the child. She was too young to remember much of her time in Tor'Watha.

Unfortunately, the priest could not keep Narvah to raise on her own. The hatred for the Amani ran deep in Silvermoon, so she couldn't stay there safely. The priest brought Narvah to Echo Isles, hoping she'd be welcome there.

That only lasted a while. The Darkspear trolls were bothered by her born-tribe and soon realized that she had druidic abilities. Since the Darkspear druids were in hiding at the time, there was no one to train her there. So, she was sent off again, this time to Mulgore. Her druid training didn't go very well there, but she did pick up some skills mining and jewelcrafting there. She also found her closest friend, an unusually small moonkin. Since it appeared during druid training, she's convinced he's just a small druid who is always transformed. He follows her quite loyally, so she takes care of him.

Despite this, she wasn't very happy in Mulgore, and was having dreams of a fair blood elf woman, from the oldest memories of her mind. So she journeyed back to Silvermoon to look for her. So far she hasn't found that mysterious woman, but she has found some companionship in a guild known for freelance work and odd jobs, the Greyshield Mercenaries.



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Narvah napping. Her second favorite hobby.

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