Natharai Ebonrook
Race: Worgen (Wolfcult)
Class: Warlock
Level: 80
Basic Information
Real Name: Unknown, but has claimed that current moniker is not it.
Known Aliases: Nath, "Professor"
Age: Unknown, appears to be late 30s/early 40s.
Height (Human): 5'9"
Height (Worgen): 6'11"
Weight (Human): 172 lbs
Weight (Worgen): 294 lbs
Eye Color: Light hazel as human, yellow as worgen.
Hair/Fur Color: Black
Biographical Data
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Occupation: Researcher
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Unwed, but involved with Arenvald Richter.
Known Relatives: Unknown
"Milady, my entire existence is based around charades..."


Natharai is a spindly man of slight stature and dark complexion who'd seem perfectly at home in some distant corner of a library or giving a lecture on some exceedingly lengthy subject. He is well groomed, his long black hair pulled into a tight ponytail and his facial hair trimmed and waxed, and tends to favor comfortable clothing and simplistic robes. He wears a monocle over one of his hazel eyes (his right) and, more often than not, carries a book he is favoring or several within a bookbag.

(Note: Nath's worgen form appearance is not set in stone since I do not know what he will look like in-game.)


While Natharai isn't exactly cold when conversing with people, he tends to be very proper and generally does not utilize many facial expressions. He is rarely riled into raising his voice and is methodical and calculating in nature. While he is not outwardly malicious, he tends to rather secretive (like all good warlocks should be) and ultimately self-serving.

Though in the company of friends and loved ones, in public, he is a little more relaxed in his behavior and lets a smile and a laugh slip through now and then.

Personality Cliff Notes: Proper, reserved, bookish, secretive, and occasionally sardonic.


Much of Natharai's past is not known to the general public. Being most, if not all, warlocks adopt a pseudonym to help shield them from prying eyes and possible curses used against them, Natharai is no exception. What the public might know about him is what he has claimed himself: He says he is a researcher of folklore and mystical creatures, primarily, but he does dabble extensively in alchemy, herbalogy, and linguistics. The last organization he worked for, before the Kamil, was a militia based out of Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight as one of their authorities on runic markings and curses.


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