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"I will stand by your side, from now until the end of days."
—Natynna Morninglight

Natynna Morninglight is a ranger of the Silver Covenant who served under her close friend Ranger-Captain Auroryn Dawnsworn.


Natynna Morninglight was born in Quel'Thalas three centuries prior to the First War. Natynna has known Auroryn Dawnsworn since the earliest days of her childhood, forming their friendship through their mutual admiration of Alleria Windrunner. A longstanding camaraderie exists between them, having served in the Farstriders in several conflicts alongside each other. As a pair, they have suffered the losses of friends, committed heinous deeds for the greater good and brought one another back from the precipice of death countless times.

Physical appearance

Natynna is tanned by the long hours she has spent in the sun, preferring her chestnut hair chopped and bobbed to frame her jawline. She serves the Silver Covenant alongside Auroryn Dawnsworn, just a rank under her authority.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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