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Title Warlord of the Stoneblade Legion
Gender Male
Race Orc
Age Adult
Height 6' 8"
Weight ~400 lbs
Class Warrior, Blademaster
Affiliation Horde
Guild Stoneblade Legion

Kar'mok (Father), Grolma (Mother), Seragna (Sister)

Mentor(s) Cairne Bloodhoof, Varok Saurfang, Drek'thar
Companion(s) Kahr (Worg mount)




Neruk is a large, hulking man with broad shoulders and a powerful, muscular body. Standing straight and tall he casts an imposing figure, even among other orcs. He is a true warrior, forged through years of combat.

He has long, black hair and a heavy brow which frames is dark, red eyes. A rugged layer of coarse stubble coats his large jaw, and a pair of tusk-like teeth protrude from the corners of his lips.


Unlike the more brutish nature of his race, Neruk is a patient, and wise man, with a strong sense of personal honor. A natural born leader he is gruff and passionate in protecting his people.


A traditional orcish armor, crafted by his ancestors and past down from father to son for generations, Neruk's armor embodies his roots in the Frostwolf clan.


Loh'ogar, heroes' death, is a sword gifted to Neruk by the druids of the Cenarion Circle, enchanted with druidic magic. It was named by Neruk in honor of his father.


Neruk, son of Kar'mok Wolfheart, is a champion of the Frostwolf clan, and the leader of the Stoneblade Legion. He is a renowned warrior of the Horde, and was a leading figure during the Darkspear Rebellion.

He was born and raised in the Alterec Mountains, raised by his mother, Grolma, after the death of his father when humans raided his village. To young to member much, he only knew his father as a great warrior.

Neruk has since become highly trained in the art of war and weaponry, becoming one of the greatest swordsmen in the Horde. He has fought in many battles all over Azeroth, wandering the lands as a lone wolf.

But it was not until the Horde landed on Pandaria that Neruk took up the mantle of leadership. With other leading figures he rallied the Horde forces against Garrosh Hellscream's forces, playing a pivotal role in the Darkspear Rebellion's victory.

He now commands his own forces, no longer a rag-tag team of rebels, in the Stoneblade Legion. He hopes to preserve the virtues of Honor, Strength and Brotherhood that help create the Horde in it's original rebirth.




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