The Commonwealth of Gilnean Royal Protectorates, but commonly referred to as New Gilneas by the masses, was an autonomously Governed State in Gilneas. Leadership was comprised of Viceroy-General Archgale Clyde and his advisers, and a Council of Nobles from the various Noble Houses that reside in various settlements.[1]


Militarily, the professional soldiers and knights of House Clyde, Greystorm, Witherwood, Langford, Silverheart, & Fogg ride into battle alongside militia comprised of the various inhabitants of the settlements and farms within the Protection of New Gilneas.

Economically, Gilneas is still a viable source of revenue and is being widely privatized by the Noble Houses residing there. With almost all mines in the Lands of Stormwind overrun with Kobolds, Emberstone mine remains one of the very few coal pits left in alliance hands, and coal, being a very valuable resource, makes this a very lucrative business and trade opportunity. Not to mention that The Blackwald's Lumber industry is a very heavy competitor, and once geared up, could even rival the output of Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest. And of course, we cannot overlook Gilneas's staple economic standby, the fishing and maritime Industries. All of these factors, combined with the fact that Keel Harbour is the Northernmost Alliance Port in the Eastern Kingdoms makes New Gilneas a very lucrative business partner.

However, this great power and wealth don't come without a price, the brave men and women of New Gilneas are constantly besieged by Forsaken, raided by Feral Worgen Packs, pillaged by bandits, and harassed by Pirates. They have not given up hope, however, and the Armies of Keel Harbour march to defend Gilneas, her citizens, and her interests across not only Gilneas and Lordaeron but all of Azeroth.[1]

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