"It's not a giant eagle it's a Gryphon... GRY-PH-ON."
—Nibs Fuzzeltwang

Niblitz "Nibs" Fuzzeltwang is a Gnomish Gryphon breeder.


Niblitz (or simply 'Nibs') was born, like most Gnomes, in the city of Gnomeregan and was orphaned soon after his birth. Nibs had a rough childhod, living as a pickpocket on the city streets. During the Trogg invasion Nibs took the earliest possible escape route and hijacked a gyrocopter, using it as a swift means to escape from the city. Nibz spent nearly eighty years in a small farm near Stormwind until his special ability of animal rearing was made legend. Recently, Nibs breeds the elite gryphon's found in and around Stormwind. His gryphon's have won numerous awards.


Nibs is a gryphon breeder and often found near one of his prized birds. He is open to discussion about his pets.


Speak ill of his gryphons = damage his ego.


"don't make me release the gryphons"

Trivia & Personal Traits

Standing no taller than any other Gnome, Nibs is utterly unremarkable physically save for his sweet bushy beard and his insistence on wearing his swish tuxedo regardless if he's in a casual environment or not. Nibs is at his best when surrounded by his gryphons. Boastful to the end, he will often be overheard proclaiming his in-depth knowledge on his occupation. His greatest claim to fame, and it's certainly just a claim, is that he's "the shortest Gnome to ever breed the tallest gryphon". Ask him to prove it, and a multitude of utterly illogical explanations will be trotted out leaving all in earshot most convinced. Nibs' dream is to fly, no matter what the cost, be it financially or painfully inflicted.