Nicki is really just your friendly neighbourhood goblin. She's notorious for her overly happy-go-lucky attitude, her love of the ocean, and her chronic overuse of the term 'so anyway'. Her profile is currently under construction! If the following doesn't tell you what you need to know, you can always visit her entry on the Big List of Horde RPers here:

IC notes

"Hey there! Name's Nicki. I guess if'n you wanted to get all serious about it you could say I'm really Nickela Brightsail-Fizzspit, but who wants to tackle that mouthful everytime they introduce themselves? So anyway, I guess you're wondering how a tiny thing like me got such a ginormous name. Well, that's kind of a crazy story. I had a mom and a dad, right, which I guess isn't all that crazy, 'cause most people have a mom and a dad. So anyway, my mom was a big shot sailor in charge of a bunch of Trade Fleets. She was called Admiral Pennywix Brightsail and quite honestly I don't know how she ever met up with my dad.

"My dad was pretty much her exact opposite, see. He was called "Lucky" Larry Fizzspit and he was the last of the Fizzspits (except for me I guess), which is a good thing really since all they're known for is the fact that all their inventions are bound to fail. So anyway, his nickname was all kinds of sarcastic, 'cause he never got lucky at anything. He was a merchant, but he couldn't tinker up anything worth selling and he gambled away most of what he earned. My mom got sick of him a couple years after I was born and I don't really blame her, but she promised she'd be back for me someday...

"I don't remember much about her, but she'd take me sailing sometimes, when she wasn't doing business for the Trade Prince. I love the ocean, see? When I grow up I want a ship of my own. That's all, just one. But I won't be in service of the Trade Prince or nothing; I'm going to be a merchant like my dad or maybe a pirate captain or something. And my ship's gonna be called the Admiral's Promise, see? 'Cause my mom would always promise one day I'd get a ship of my own, when I was old enough to captain one.

"So anyway, there's not all that much to me. I'm always free to chat if'n you wanna learn more."

OOC notes

An alt of mine more than anything, Nicki probably doesn't get as much love as she deserves. She lives in the OOC channel, though, and is always up for meeting new people. ^-^

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