"Shit ain't cash money dawg."
—Niggi Sparks

Nigrel Jerome Sparks[1], better known by his stage name Niggi Sparks, is a goblin rapper who is considered to be one of the most popular artists in goblin society.


Early Life

Nigrel Jerome Sparks was born to a single mother in Drudgetown, Kezan. He grew up with next to nothing, often having to beg for money on the streets. When that didn't work, he started to rap for money instead. This gave him a lot of attention that would attract the goblin entrepreneur, Sleezik Goldgrinder. Niggi landed a record deal with Goldgrinder Records and released his debut album Drudgetown Hustler later that year.

Rapping Career

Niggi became an overnight celebrity. His debut album made record breaking sales and was considered to be one of the greatest sounds to ever hit Kezan.

While on his world tour for his second album, Ballin' like a Trade Prince, his home of Kezan was destroyed by a volcanic eruption from Mount Kajaro during the cataclysmic event known as the Shattering. Like many other goblins of Kezan, Niggi would relocate to Azshara where he would reside at the Gallywix Pleasure Palace.

Fallout with Sleezik

After several discrepancies between Niggi and his producer, Sleezik, Niggi attempted to buy out of his contract in order to start his own record label company. However, Sleezik didn't take to kindly to this, ultimately leading to Sleezik arranging Niggi's murder in a drive-by shooting. Niggi was eventually resurrected by a knight of the Ebon Blade who happened to be a huge fan of his music.


  • Drudgetown Hustler (25 ADP)
  • Ballin' like a Trade Prince (27 ADP)
  • Neck Deep in Green Bitches (28 ADP)
  • These Demons be Boolin' (32 ADP)
  • Back to Ballin' (33 ADP)

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