Not to be confused with the 9th "Oathsworn" Vanguard.

The Oathsworn was an order that stood, first and foremost, as a fellowship. Being a neutral organization, and standing above the factional politics that divide Azeroth, the guild is present on both Horde and Alliance.

The Oathsworn is comprised of many individuals from the Order of the Golden Law who reformed the guild after the disappearance of the Highlord, and continues their story forward.



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The Protectorate of the Oathsworn. Art by Surgecraft.

Knowing that they needed to shed the vows and laws that held them back in fighting against the evils of the Iron Horde, and to better match any and all evil that struck out from the darkness after, the Order of the Golden Law pledged itself anew, taking up the name of the Oathsworn, and renewing oaths to each other, rather than a banner, to always stand united against evil, and to meet it in every form, no matter the risk, or the danger.

Rallying to rush through the portal to meet the next day, the Oathsworn boarded the massive airship, the Cloudbuster, and sailed through with the charging forces of the Alliance and the Horde, intent on serving as a shield to protect the ground forces from artillery. Leaving behind a large portion of their forces, the Oathsworn stepped forward towards an unknown fate, leaving a Tauren Protector, Denga, as the new Guardian, the leader of all forces on Azeroth in the absence of the Oathkeeper, and with that, also promoted several new Protectors to help keep order, and to lead the Oathsworn on Azeroth in facing against any evils which may arise.


Its goal and purpose was to stand against the forces of evil that threaten the existence of life on Azeroth - i.e. The Scourge, the Burning Legion, the Twilight's Hammer, Cult guilds, Chaotic-Evil guilds/factions, and organizations bent on destroying or enslaving mankind.

It was their charge to stand in defiance of all of these - united under one banner for the sake of all of Azeroth. Members of the Oathsworn were expected to adhere to the code of conduct of the fellowship, and take up oaths binding them not only to the order, but the brothers and sisters who fight as a part of it.

Out of Character

  • While a full, and more detailed dialogue on conduct within the guild can be found here, there is only one dominant rule that governs daily life within The Oathsworn, which is that respect is an absolute must, not only in that it should be shown to all members, but all players of the game.

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