The Oathsworn is a militant brotherhood reformed from the holy organization, the Order of the Golden Law. It was founded and led by Ennalor Silvertongue.

Though similar in principle, the Golden Law stood as a holy military order, while the Oathsworn vowed to do good, and to accept any who shared that cause, regardless of faith and habit.


Knowing that they needed to shed the vows and laws that held them back in fighting against the evils of the Iron Horde, and to better match any and all evil that struck out from the darkness after, the Order of the Golden Law pledged itself anew, taking up the name of the Oathsworn, and renewing oaths to each other, rather than a banner, to always stand united against evil, and to meet it in every form, no matter the risk, or the danger.

Rallying to rush through the portal to meet the next day, the Oathsworn boarded the massive airship, the Cloudbuster, and sailed through with the charging forces of the Alliance and the Horde, intent on serving as a shield to protect the ground forces from artillery. Leaving behind a large portion of their forces, the Oathsworn stepped forward towards an unknown fate, leaving a Tauren Protector, Denga, as the new Guardian, the leader of all forces on Azeroth in the absence of the Oathkeeper, and with that, also promoted several new Protectors to help keep order, and to lead the Oathsworn on Azeroth in facing against any evils which may arise.

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