The Order of the Golden Dawn was a coalition of elven noble houses that came together dating back three thousand years ago, after the Amani troll wars began. They sought to repel the encroaching trolls from the forests of Quel’Thalas, and to destroy any pervasive taint left within the forests from the Amani tribe, and to extinguish and destroy any foul relics left behind. Their order disbanded after their crusade against the trolls ended, and the dark magics purified from the forests. Following the third war, and the wrath of Arthas and his scourge, most of those who served in the order perished, but the treaties of the noble houses and the history of the order, was documented and stored in the Silvermoon libraries.


The order resurged following the annihilation of the Convocation of Silvermoon, with a new purpose to coalesce many noble houses into their ranks. With the scourge threat imminent, the order established what alliances they could, seeking to form a new convocation that would benefit the people, rather than be secular like it was in old tradition. After banding a handful of houses together, the order would call for their most courageous troops and claim vengeance on their fallen brethren, by hunting the scourge and seeking to eliminate them with their horde allies, in northrend. After arthas was slain, what was left of the order disbanded as there was no current threat.

After the third legion invasion occurred,  and the lands of Quel’Thalas were in danger once more. The order was called once again, and they are seeking to unite many reclusive noble houses to fight the legion and defend their lands. With a new balanced, political/military focus the order, seeks to bring what is best for the thalassian people, breaking the tradition of being selfish and indulgent, like the elves of the old convocation.

Following the aftermath of the horde and alliance's combined effort on Argus, and the defeat of Sargeras; the Golden Dawn has purged the southern ghostlands and Radiance of all the demon contaminant within the region. With news of the forests being reinvigorated and slowly recovering, as well as Dawn's Bastion, the capital of Radiance being rebuilt and peace restored to the land, the work of the order is at an end. House Dawnbreaker has knighted those who aided the cause, and offered them permanent residency within its lands. As is tradition, the order disbanded allowing all those who took up the honor to return to their normal lives if they so chose. The Luminary can only hope peace will last, but with rumors of Alliance mobilization within the lands, Meridia wonders how long peace will last.