"It is our duty to stand in defiance of the greater evils in our world, not as individuals, but as a body which is united under one banner in the name of the Light. May it be so."
—Jonathan Kalery

The Order of the Golden Law (also known as the Golden Law) was a holy organization initiated by Jonathan Kalery.

This organization was made necessary after cult members of the Twilight's Hammer began infiltrating Stormwind City during the Cataclysm. The Church of the Holy Light commissioned the order to safeguard the city and various areas within the region.


The Order of the Golden Law was founded by Jonathan Kalery. Being led by a Paladin, true to the Light, the Order was built around the very same virtues that the Order of the Silver Hand and Church of Holy Light modeled after - Respect, tenacity and compassion. When the Order was founded, they sought and gained the support of the Argent Crusade and a handful of remaining Knights of the Silver Hand. While their supporters offered no resources, they did offer their faith and guidance. With this guidance, and with the faith of their allies, the Order was able to grow at a substantial rate.

Months after their founding, the Order of the Golden Law was several hundred strong, comprised of true-hearted men and women in service to the Holy Light and to the people.[1]

Notable Members


Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male Jonathan Kalery
Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Female Melony Granston
Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male Joseph Caste
Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male Harinder Drake
Alliance 15 IconSmall Human Male Bayhas El-Sabban


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