Ordin Frostbane is a name shamelessly stolen from a random Lich hero in Warcraft 3. It's also the name of a dwarven hammersmith in Shadowmoon Valley, but nobody cares about him. Anyway, Ordin's namesake is not ingame and probably never will be. Ordin's story ties into that particular character at several points, so he'll need significant reworking if he is added, or at least to roll with the punches. Note that he is NOT that lich. He just took his name. More on that once I write it out.


Part 1: Part 2:

The rest is, as of this writing, still being...written.


Has no real involvement with the world other than being a Knight of the Ebon Blade and former Knight of the Silver Hand. He had a wife, a young son and his wife was pregnant with a daughter before his betrayal. He doesn't know their current status - he hasn't bothered to look.



"If I am meant to die here...if the world would just kill me itself...then i'll change that! I'll change the entire damned world! I won't just be thrown into the trash and left to rot! I WILL NOT!"


Ordin may be evil, he may be good. I'm not entirely sure yet.

His Runeblade is named Grausam (I think that's german for "cruelty", but i'm not 100% sure).

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