"If my people will know me as a monster, then so be it. At least I will know what I have done for them."

Orthuus is an ancient Draenei who serves as Grand Councilor of the Bulwark of the Exiled and the Ambassador to Stormwind on the behalf of High Vindicator Andesa. Born on Argus and still fighting till this very day he is unrelenting in his quest for vengeance.


Orthuus is a man to have lived a very long and colorful life.

Before the fall of Argus

A soldier, a monster, a hero. Three names Orthuus will wear to the end of his days… He however, wasn’t always known as any of them. Born on Argus to well off parents Orthuus lived a harsh childhood, suffering endless assaults from his father, his mother passing as she birthed his younger sister. Not long after his mother’s death his father retreated into seclusion, leaving Orthuus, Ocarm and Jiall to do what they pleased with their lives. While Jiaal and Ocarm returned to their magical studies, as was the tradition of their people Orthuus decided… To do something else. In order to make up for the loss of his childhood all throughout his adolescence, he sinned and celebrated life, attending parties, spending his families wealth without care… All of this would come to an eventual end however, all good things must indeed end. 

The Exile and Training

Having fled aboard the Naaru craft following the instructions of his older brother Orthuus and Jiall were soon to go their own ways in life. Orthuus, was lost. For the first time in his life he had no directions, he couldn’t live the luxurious life style he had sustained himself on. In this down trodden mood he was eventually found by an older woman, one who began to walk the path of the light. Intrigued by this magic Orthuus would quickly ask her to tell him about this new way of life. Eventually, this lead to him taking up the mantle of a Vindicator, despite his smaller size than other males he was still effective. Instead of the large crystalline weapons favored by many he simply carried two smaller blades, these allowed for him to quickly slice, using dexterity and agility over strength. Over time he’d master lighter armor and the blade along with learning valuable teachings of the light, however, there was something to note. He rarely used the light in combat, if calling on it, he’d simply use it to boost himself, not use it as a weapon.

Draenor and The Red Portal

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Vindicator Orthuus with his charge Theclaa

Upon arriving on Draenor, Orthuus would sink into a much slower life, simply becoming a guard at Elodor. As time passed he’d find his belief in the light slowly fading, not out of events just out of curiosity. If the light could exist and be wielded, what about its opposite? Deciding to look more into this ‘Void’ he’d eventually find himself surrounded by a Sargerei sect within Elodor, quickly being forced into its ranks. Orthuus, hated the Legion, they took his parties from him… He wouldn’t be one to so easily begin working with the Sargerei. As he continued to learn more of the void and shadow

from other cultists he subtly worked on sabotaging their missions. Eventually, a portal opened to Draenor, a Red Portal. The Sargerei didn’t interfere with the works of the Iron Horde so they didn’t view them as a threat. As mortal armies stormed their world Orthuus would find a choice opportunity to leave and dismantle the cult. The version of him from the main timeline had to be replaced, he was caught by the Sargerei and despite his wishes, Orthuus could not save him. So, he did the next best thing, he took his Main Universe counterparts place. He sold out his sects whereabouts to the Alliance and this Draenei Order, leading to the complete annihilation of his former sect. Orthuus would spend the majority of the Draenor campaign with this order before he took his leave, vanishing from their ranks one night never to be seen again… Until he was contracted by the Alliance and set to work on special cases, on Azeroth. Where his talents would be best suited.

Azeroth, the Rise of Orthuus

Physical appearances

Orthuus is a rather intriguing man, clad in a mix of cloth and light armour the priest looks rather intimidating. Usually found wearing a heavy, ornate robe, hood and cloak. The hood is usually up over his head. The robe has many small plates along it, giving him some protecting while still allowing him to get around quickly The robe’s colors consist of white, blue and purple. The most important thing that can be noticed about Orth is that his body is smaller than other males, skinner. Lean and tall over large and bulky, in combat he needs mobility to take on heavier armoured foes.  He carries a grizzled visage, his face covered in scars he’s a very rugged looking man. Pale white hair tucked up into a pony tail with rugged, unkempt facial hair he gives off the appearance of a veteran rather well. Another intriguing fact is his eyes are a rich aqua color. Around his waist rests a simple, reinforced belt that he hangs a multitude of items from.

List of Items on said belt:

  • Three pouches to store items in.
  • A very large silver chain that is often used as a tool against undead or void based foes.
  • A holster with a large, gnomish made revolver holsted.
  • A second holster opposite of the first with another crystal lined revolver of gnomish make.

Personality and traits

Orthuus has a knack for coming off snobby and stuck up a lot of the time, thinking himself better than most. He has an ego and he really isn’t afraid to show it, due to his history of past successes it has left him with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. A smug smirk almost always on his face he has a habit of angering others just by speaking out things many would deem too impolite for a public setting. Smart and cunning the Draenei always withholds information from even his closest of friends. Orth’s biggest issue is that he believes he himself is enough to deal with most threats and that’s when he will get himself into the most trouble… Luckily enough for him, he has a way with words more often than not being able to talk himself out of heated situations only rarely having to resort to violence. That’s a very common trait with Orthuus, he will try to avoid direct combat when he can, only drawing weapons or spell when directly challenged. This smug personality however can quickly fade depending on the relationship the person has with the Draenei. Orth deep down is a fatherly individual and if approached in that manner Orth will happily offer aid and assistance. He’s a good man at heart but to see that people will often need to wade through the mass of darkness. He is also known to smoke heavily when stressed.

Combat Style

Orthuus mainly fights with twin daggers, two large curved daggers that excel in ripping apart plate armor by getting into the armors gap. Both daggers are kept sheathed on the back of the belt, often out of view. The daggers themselves are of a similar make to weapons commonly used by Vindicators, perhaps referencing his past life. When engaged Orthuus will begin fighting from range using a mixture of Holy Magic and his pistols, only drawing his daggers when his foe closes the gap between them. Orth usually only fights with one pistol at a time, only rarely drawing both to dual wield. He’s an all-rounder fighter excelling in combat due to his versatile fighting style of using ranged magic, ranged weaponry and melee weaponry. This coupled with his high pain tolerance makes him a beast to meet on the battlefield. Orth’s number one weakness is actually tied to his greatest strength, his pain tolerance. Sometimes he won’t take notice of smaller injuries due to being too involved with a conflict and this can often be to his detriment. While he may seem unstoppable after inflicting enough wounds to him his body will eventually be forced to stop or collapse, he may feel pain less but he is as mortal as any man. Due to the light infusion into his body, Orthuus is immune to holy-based attacks, drawing energy from them to restore himself.


"If my people will know me as a monster, then so be it. At least I will know what I have done for them."
"I was too slow once, I will never be again."
"Look around you Bulwark, we are Draenei. We are the generation that was born to die, our lives were forfeit the moment we picked up a weapon. We will die so that future generations can live on, we're Draenei, we were born to die so that the future has a chance. Now to arms! We ride for the maw of doom itself."
"Tell me Exarch, what is it you fear most? Is it the loss of your power? The loss of your followers, you fear that you will have nothing to use your power on? Tell me."
"You wish to harm me with the Light? Fools! I am the Light!"

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