Otulissa Skyheart is a skilled Gilnean archer and the former Ranger Captain of the Order of the Golden Law and the Oathsworn. After the Oathsworn disbanded during the War in the Broken Isles, Otulissa discarded her identity and took on a new name — Ansley Ironheart.


Otulissa Skyheart was born adventurous, always running off and exploring wherever she could as a child. After many years of family struggles and the ever-constant desire for adventure, though, she left her home in Gilneas and traveled the eastern continent for years.

During those years, she learned the secrets of the natural world, and met people and creatures that guided her along on her path. Eventually, the ranger arrived in Stormwind where she found the Order of the Golden Law - now called the Oathsworn.

She then, she has dedicated her life to services of the order, acting as a shield for the innocent, and as a sword against whatever evils that may oppose them - much like those that she leaned of in the wilds of the world.

Physical appearance

Otulissa is clothed in leathers from head to toe, often with a hooded cloak for both warmth and comfort. She is seen rarely without her weapon, a massive longbow, hidden on her person.

Additionally, Otulissa wears a blue raven-shaped pendant on a silver chain around her neck, though it's typically concealed beneath her armor for efficiency. Her tanned face is framed by black hair that typically tumbles down her shoulders or tied back in a braid.

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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