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Pakuanta Gorehoof is nearly 90 years old and is the last of her tribe. Her beloved mate disappeared some years ago. While all others have given him up for dead, she continues to search for him or, at least, for information about what happened to him. She has scars over most of her body, but the most noticeable is her missing right eye, which she keeps covered with a thick leather patch. There are four scar lines that run from just above the patch down to her jawline.

Pakunata is a druid, but often differs (most would saw argues) with the Arch-Druids and the Cenarian Circle.

Also, having spent most of her life wandering the Barrens with her tribe, she does not understand this new practice of permanently settling. Needless to say, she is not comfortable in cities for long periods of time. combined with the fact that she has spent most of the past few years in her various animal forms, wandering the wilds alone and fighting, she has become somewhat detached from "social norms."

Lately, however, she has been spending more time around other Shu'Halo. She is beginning to feel the effects of age and her thoughts have been turning increasingly from herself to her people. While she's still quite the fighter and wanderer, she wants to impart what she has learned to the next generation before she passes on.

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