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"I always only sure of who I was on the inside, now, I know what I'm on the outside and I don't need titles to help me. I'm Petrina Rosegarde-Sunshatter, daughter of an elven woman who's name is Chaeryl Sunshatter and a now dead Lordaeron Human, Jerames Rosegarde. After my mother abandoned me with my father, at the age of three, the Scourge destroyed Lordaeron and my father along with it. No one wanted me, no one but my uncle who didn't let me run off alone. Now refugees, we struggled for many years. No one turning to help a no-name defunct and a half breed. I worked in the mines with him, until he couldn't breath normally anymore and died. I'll tell you what you already know, I will never be fully accepted or completely welcome. Yet, I have created my own path across a world that can never understand me and defeated very challenge that this unfair life has given me."
—Petrina "Progeny" Rosegarde-Sunshatter to her mother Chaeryl Sunshatter.
(I'll update this at a later time, the information here is very outdated and isn't in-line with the current story line! I have decided

to rework her story. I have fresh inspiration.)

"Progeny Sunshatter," Petrina R. Sunshatter or Petrina Rosegarde Sunshatter is the half elven illegitimate teenage daughter of Chaeryl Sunshatter and Lordaeron noble, Jerames Rosegarde of Beagnoth. On 36 L.C the teenager was proclaimed the Heir Apparent and given the title "Belore'dorei" or "Child of the Sun" of Aloras'zune and it's protectorates. While Belore'dorei is a title given to the legitimate children of the ruling, it was given to Petrina by orders of Chaeryl herself. While Aloras'zune is a neutral state, Progeny/Petrina would be it's first female half-elven ruler in it's dated history. It's first half-elven who came to power being Sir Ambrositin Sungale, the Swift. Adopting the full surname of the Sunshatter Dynasty, she added her father's last name as her middle name and still prefers to be refereed to as "Progeny."

Currently, Petrina is a Squire under the tutelage of Dame Evelyn Devin, Lady of Stormsgrad and Order Master of the Aloras'zune Silver Hand. A regional chapter of the Order of the Silver Hand which inhabits the north region of the Aloras High mountains. According to the Dame, Petrina shows promising dedication and believes the Holy Light has given the teenager some peace of heart from her former troubled and traumatic early life.

Physical Description

Petrina by no means is able to pass for a full blooded Human, nor a pure Quel'dorei.

Thick curly hair rebelling against neat styling, Coffee-after-milk-is-poured shade of skin, elven brushed features. Petrina could be considered to be a fairly beautiful creation, said to be a "Lesser Chaeryl," by Aloras'zune scholars and commentators. Yet she was not yet a woman, being only 15 years of age. Petrina stood silently in 5'8" bones as she focused on some other worldly problem going on in the depths of her mind. However, this was only when she was alone. When in company, the chatty Petrina would not be shy of walking up with a full smile and dimly glowing azure eyes.Despite being littered in scars, Petrina persevered with a fresh face. The most notable scar slicing through her full right brow and another down her cheek. She wore minimal make up, a dab of color on the cheeks and pinch on the lips. She was slim, yet on the base of her arms and legs there seemed to be muscle springing from the hours of combat under the supervision of her Knight of the Silverhand, Dame Devin. Petrina had the figure of a blossoming swan, elegantly long, with only a breath of feminine curves. Her humble youth was wrapped in fine plate armor, created by exotic steel and light-weight chain mail. Seperating her skin and the cold metal would be a thick layer of lush fabrics brilliantly colored with Aloras'zune's national colors and an embroidered scene of a Elvish mother and her smaller, more Human-looking daughter.

Before her tabard, a noble Gold pin would hover above her her heart, set in clear Diamonds, blue Sapphires, and cream Pearls in a stunning array of taste, it was shaped to surround a small figure of golden Sun. She was Chaeryl's jewel. Petrina's fingers boasted small golden rings scattered through each finger when not in plated gloves. Skipping one, then adding two to the next, her nails were painted, adorned with fragmented pink crystals. Her two ears that caused her much pain now held simple, yet beautifully crafted and quality earrings from gold mined from Aloras'zune territories. The small parring of earrings were finished with a pristine white pearl on her lower lobe.


"As soft as a cloud, as hard as a Topaz."

--to be fully written.


Petrina was never expected to be conceived. --to be fully written.


"Whip cream? More like WHOOP cream." - Petrina R. Sunshatter, 36. L.C.



  • Petrina R. Sunshatter is the next Lady of House Sunshatter and the future Belore'dinoriel of the Sunshatter Dynasty as there's no written rule against halfings being unable to take the Belore'dinoriel nor Lady title of House Sunshatter. [The rules practically didn't even believe there would be half Human offspring.]
  • Progeny is related to another Half Elf, Arayle Sunshatter.


  • Progeny basically means offspring, I had "Child Sunshatter" in mind!

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