Rae is unbalanced at best and crazy at  her worst. The strain of the fury of the pack form coupled with years in feline have unbalanced the normally calm, collected Kal'dorei mind. She often offends with her wild, blunt mutterings. Normally the druid is quite playful with the attention span of a kitten but on occassion she slips from lucidity to mumble incoherient riddles. Her guild thinks she may have seen visions of things to come in her Emerald Dream but her fractured mind cannot hold onto the warnings. No matter how she tries the visions are only peices of a scattered puzzle.


Rae was a young druid when the War of the Satyr broke out. Having lost her family to the ravenous demons she really had no choice but to fight to protect her people. During the war she was one of the few to try the Pack form. The wild fury warped her mind making her unbalanced but she did manage to hold on enough to obey Malfurion's order to ban the form.

After the war the fellow druids could tell something wasn't right with her but she had helped fight back the demons and couldn't just be ignored. They made her a scout and sent her to patrol the wilds far from civilization. Rae spent so much time performing her duty in feline form she almost forgot she was an elf.


  • Her prefered form is panther, finding the way of the forest much less complicated then the affairs of the Alliance.
  • On another note she is unable to turn into a bear. She never recieved the blessing of the bear.
  • Rae helps the Worgen, who she considers brothers of the fur, come to terms with their new form.

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