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Rahk'alar relies on his strength, agility, and body mass to throw his opponents off balance, giving him more targets to strike at on his opponents' body.

If engaged head on, he will attempt to run away for a short distance and ambush the ones chasing him, generaly opening with a shot to the side of the head, crushed glass thrown into the eyes of an enemy, or rushing behind an enemy and wrapping a mithril wire around their throat.

If fighting multiple enemies he will resort to less than honorable tactics, going as far as taking civilians as shields. Generaly throws a coctail of poisons, which he has built an immunity to, around the area to allow him to escape in the confusion.


Murder? Nah, nah, nah... I'm cullin' ja race o' da foolish... iffin dey can' see da trap, dey don' deserve to live!

Jungle Troll? Do I realleh loo' li'e one o' dem scrawny weaklin's?


Fond of and highly protective of the Skullsplitter, Tah'tahme.

Has a phobia of Sprite Darters.

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