"For the travelling, the homeless, the weary. Those of Lordaeron who no longer have a place in the ruins and wishes to start anew - to remember what they lost, celebrate what they have left, and rebuild what they should have."
—Archelus Wyrmfrost
The Remnants of Lordaeron is an organization that consists mostly of former citizens of the Kingdom of Lordaeron who provides both intelligence and military forces to the Alliance.

After the Legion's infiltration of the organization, Remnants of Lordaeron was disbanded. However, many of the former members join other organizations such as the Westridge Brigade and the Order of the Ardent Circle.


Shortly after the fall of the Lich King, the former Commander of the Royal Guard of Lordaeron and Ebon Blade knight, Archelus Wyrmfrost, founded the Remnants of Lordaeron with the goal of safeguarding humanity from threats who would harm their people (i.e. Twilight's Hammer Cult, The Kor'kron, Iron Horde, and the Burning Legion).

Archelus divided the oganization with two separate divisions: Military and Intelligence. While many of the military members were former soldiers and knights who fought alongside him in Northrend, the intelligence division was made up of the most skilled agents in the SI:7.

Out of Character

The Remnants of Lordaeron is a casual to medium RP guild that bases itself in Stormwind Keep and Stormshield. We seek to cultivate an active RP platform where there is something for everyone and RPers can advance their characters and themselves through RP in a way that is agreeable to their personal story.

The guild is strictly humans only, however, there are exceptions to worgen players in human form.

External links

Remnants of Lordaeron's Armory Page

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