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Welcome, friend, to the Wyrmrest Accord Role-Play and Community Resource page!

Originally designed and compiled by: Syranelle Lightfaith

Useful Forum Threads

Role-Play Events

All times are presumed to be in Server Time, unless otherwise specified. Wyrmrest Accord is Pacific Time. Note: End times of "Closing" means whenever the RP stops.

One Shot / Annual Events

(H) - The Earthspear Tribe Harvest Festival
September 24, 2011 @ 6pm to Closing
Azhara, Forlorn Ridge
Contact: Lotuslily

(A) - A Carnival For All
September 13, 2011 @ 6pm to Closing
Stormwind Harbor, Stormwind City
Contact: Isabellä







(H/A) - Club Trix
8pm to 12am
Dalaran, Purple Parlor
Contact: Trixxiz



3pm to Closing
Location varies, see link for more info
Contact: Trixxiz

(H) - Karuun's Roving Tavern
6pm to Closing
Location varies
Contact: Any "The Earthspear Tribe" member

(H/A)- The Lucky Imp Lounge
8pm, may start earlier some nights.
Dalaran's Legerdemain


(H) - Story Circle
6:30 to Closing
Thunder Bluff, Baine's Rise
Contact: Kinarra



Roleplay-Friendly Guilds

This is a list of guilds that support role-playing or are generally role-play friendly. These are not solely hardcore role-play guilds. Please see each guild's specific page and information for more detail.

  • Guild 1
  • Guild 2
  • Guild 3
  • Guild 1
  • Guild 2
  • Guild 3

Open/Available Role-Players

These are role-players who welcome any and all role-play whether they are out questing or in-town.

  • Role-Player 5
  • Role-Player 6
  • Role-Player 7
  • Role-Player 8
  • Role-Player 9
  • Role-Player 10
  • Role-Player 11
  • Role-Player 12
  • Role-Player 13

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